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112 Operator is a sequel to the famous 911 Operator. There are also varieties of levels here that can be quite challenging. Starting from the player’s control of a small city location and ending with the coordination of the dispatcher service in a city with a multimillion population. A gamer needs attention and a lot of experience to overcome all the vicissitudes of a complex plot successfully. If you love simulators of sports genre, then don’t pass by Club Soccer Director 2021.


112 Operator captivates with its exciting dynamics and advantages that we describe below.

The new game has a more modern visualization, as well as different characters. Use doctors, workers, dogs, military personnel and police officers as you need. It is possible to call the dispatcher team for help or assemble equipment in several sets. Don’t forget to take into account local laws and features of locations. Moreover, you can send the squad both to slums and to suburbs with sleeping areas.

112 Operator has an original “Career” mode. The user chooses one of the cities to be tested. The super task is to go through all the steps of the career ladder, work with subordinates and conflict with the authorities, defending own point of view. The player has the opportunity to form his own scenarios and laws in the format of a free tournament. There are practically no restrictions on the flight of imagination. Use resources prudently by sending on the operation special forces, rescue helicopters, police officers and volunteers from the local population.

Ahead of the member of the rescue service is a stormy change of weather, tracking events happening around the clock online. Hurricanes and storms pose a serious threat of man-made disasters that threaten many settlements. Another serious danger is forest fires. It depends on the rescue service to locate them in a small region to neutralize. Moreover, in addition to natural disasters, the player have to face the intrigues of mafia structures and terrible antics of terrorists who dream of a world revolution.

In total, there are more than 100 thousand different regions in 112 Operator. They are worth paying the most serious attention, including municipalities and various cities. Taking calls from different people, the rescuer doesn’t know that they are waiting for him literally in a few minutes. Most often, you will face murders, fights, accidents and self-harm. There is a special local review mode. It will help create a three-dimensional picture of what is happening to distribute forces professionally.

112 Operator has many adventures in 3D world (force majeure, major incidents). There is a rebuilt campaign with various goals, plot moves and changing weather. All these events have an impact on rescue work. The game has updated mechanics. For example, large fires can affect large areas of cities, requiring numerous teams of professionals. By the way, you can enlarge city maps up to 25 times. The sound is deep and rich. It creates a sense of the reality of what is happening. It brings the picture to the maximum level with voice acting and soundtracks of various genres.

With the help of modified version of 112 Operator, you can play it free. However, you have to pay for it on Google Play. Already after first launch, you can test all the gameplay functions without any limits. Game reviews are only positive. There are all the prerequisites that it can make a splash.

Our team has tested the hacked version of the game and can guarantee its full functionality. Despite the declared level of protection, we obtained access to the game almost immediately after its release. Please follow the instructions below to install mod correctly.

112 Operator game gives the participant a unique chance to lead any emergency services on all five continents. It is possible to coordinate and direct the work of rescuers to the most dangerous area, distributing the professional potential of the service. You have to respond to various force majeure situations that arise periodically in connection with:

Revolutions, mafia and various insurgencies also belong to the category of natural disasters. Reducing damage and even preventing adverse events is the duty of every self-respecting professional rescuer. During the playthrough you can feel everyone needs you. Hundreds of lives depend on his actions.

112 Operator is full of various events and characters. It requires a great concentration of attention and practical experience from the user. The game is useful for development of imagination, reaction and logical thinking.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of 112 Operator before installing our mod to prevent errors during installation process.

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