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Albion Online is a cross-platform online game that is available for Android users as well. Over the past few years, the game has regularly hit the top of the most anticipated and coolest MMORPGs, but remained in a semi-finished state, teasing users with grandiose possibilities. Now the release has finally taken place. Total craft of everything and everyone, cool PvP, huge world with many zones and biomes, free character development, player-controlled economy, right to buy your own island and do almost anything – all this is here. There are no restrictions – join a guild, start building a shelter for your people and conquer the world of Albion by besieging cities. Tired of battles, head back home and farm to get your profits. We also advise you to download Wolvesville – Werewolf Online and Puzzle Combat: Match-3 RPG.

Please read our review carefully to find out all the features of Albion Online.

Almost everything that you see around from the flora and fauna is open for disassembling into components, that is, resources – stones, logs, skins, cotton, limestone, sandstone, ore and so on. All you need is to find special buildings to make beams from logs, leather from skins, flax from cotton and ingots from ore. Moreover, you can craft almost anything – different types of weapons, armor, accessories like capes and travel bags or pieces of furniture for furnishing your own home. At the same time, all items and resources of Albion Online are divided into several levels. There are ordinary trees, but birches and chestnuts are cooler, while it is impossible to chop chestnuts with inexperienced ax. This action requires a beginner’s ax, which you can buy or make yourself.

At first, all this makes your head spin – you are constantly studying the accumulation of resources in the inventory and trying to remember what you need for what. You quickly get used to it in Albion Online and start to enjoy how you gradually become stronger, dress yourself in more fashionable things and get more valuable resources. Lovers of games with a developed crafting system will immediately feel like they are in paradise.

In addition, it is not necessary to do everything, collect and extract everything personally – no one forbids buying it. The economy is really player driven. There is an auctioneer in the first city, which allows you to view current trade offers for various types of goods, items and resources. On the other hand, you can put up something of your own for sale. However, prices may vary in different markets.

Most importantly, Albion Online has a so-called Full Loot system. This means when a character dies in PvP and PvE, he losses all inventory. Players can avoid final death from the blow of some nearby heretics or animals. You are offered to simply rest for a while, regain consciousness and continue from the same place.

Firstly, even in this case, the equipment wears out a lot. Secondly, there are situations with too many strong enemies around in this place or you are completely lost, so it is better to agree to die and reborn in the nearest city. Finally, there are no restrictions on free PvP in regions painted black on the map. In addition, even monsters there inflict mortal wounds – this is where you will definitely lose all your belongings in case of death.

Albion Online allows you to kill nearby monsters, other players, as well as special opponents and bosses in PvE zones and dungeons of various difficulty levels. By the way, especially valuable resources and items fall in the latter. The combat system itself, on the one hand, is quite familiar – we aim at enemy and beat him, periodically pressing special skills on hot keys. At the same time, each weapon and armor (there are many types of them) give some of own skills, and you can choose which ability to use. Such an approach expands tactical capabilities and tactical freedom.

Enemies in Albion Online also willingly use abilities – even ordinary magicians and archers are constantly conjuring something in the area. Therefore, you need to run either away from the affected area or use skills that interrupt spells.

Albion Online has average graphics for a project of this level and scale. This is not to say that the picture is bad, but it is not great either. At the same time, project boasts well-implemented sound component. In addition to warlike music, all skills in the game have their own sound, which contributes to immersion in the gameplay.

After quite a long, but introductory training, Albion Online bring player into a huge world to do whatever he wants. Looking at a huge animated map of the world, divided into many zones of different colors and levels of danger (we have already talked about the most dangerous, black territories), you understand that it will be difficult in this world alone.

Therefore, many immediately join some guild, look for its possession on the map and go there after praying. These territories, like cities, are the only safe places. There are also a variety of artisans, own lands and buildings, which bring different resources, bonuses and benefits.

By joint efforts, everything is possible for building and improving ten times faster and easier. You just need to pay taxes for use and be interested in the needs of the guild. Collect, build, repair, transport resources through black territories or rob caravans. In return, you have to participate in wars of Albion Online guilds, which periodically fight for bases and storm watchtowers.

However, no one forbids playing a proud loner either. Moreover, having survived, saved up money and reached a large city, you can strengthen your independence from the rest of the world by buying a land plot or even a personal island from a special NPC. True, you have to pay rent for the land plot. Payment for the island is a one-time fee (it is higher, of course).

There you can build various useful buildings (and your own house), engage in farming or animal husbandry, raising livestock, growing vegetables and fruits and getting profit, resources, the best horses or food for different situations. Personal home in Albion Online allows you to place furniture, chests and trophies, giving you temporary bonuses.

Albion Online is a truly unique sandbox game in which you can live your life. Trade, rob, participate in guild wars, farm or combine both, using for this different characters or one universal. However, the game is not shareware. Yes, there is a built-in store and purchase of various premium statuses, but this is not so intrusive.

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