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Alto’s Odyssey takes place in a hot desert where Alto arrived to see the world around the cold tundra where he grew up. For a long time, while still a child, he read legends about some incredible land, radically different from the area where it is dangerous to leave the house without warm clothes. The hot desert sun didn’t diminish the breeze that streams into his face, while hot sands did not diminish the ability to slide. Now, Alto controls not a snowboard, but a sandboard! The special coating of the board makes it possible to slide on the slopes of the desert, as well as, subject to conditions, on the rock! Oh yes, this is just an incredible innovation that every player should experience.

The developers didn’t change the game mechanics: you still control Alto and his friends, soaring across the endless terrain and performing various tricks. Along the way, you need to collect coins, avoid various obstacles and complete tasks, which allows you to go further through the levels and buy new features in game shop.

Alto’s Odyssey is a direct sequel to Alto’s Adventure, which means it also has a multi-million fan base around the world. Let’s find out how the sequel differs from the original?

The controls are simple, set of available actions is minimal and variety of game mechanics is practically absent. However, this doesn’t prevent the game from being one of the best arcade games in the whole world. It’s all about the local endless location, worthy of being captured in an endless series of screenshots, each of which can be a decoration of your home screen.

You can use boosters scattered along the endless slope. For example, magnets. Having picked up such a booster, it becomes easier for you to collect coins. The lotus flower bestows protection from damage, albeit temporary. You can also buy new skills and improve boosters.

As in the previous part, after completing three tasks in Alto’s Odyssey, you receive three more. Therefore, you have an additional incentive to immerse yourself in the local magical atmosphere of majestic and entourage desert. Do you want to compete and play by the established rules? Then welcome to the meditative mode. It allows you to glide through amazingly colorful local locations without any restrictions like lives or obligatory set of points.

The main feature of Alto’s Odyssey, like its predecessor, is the unique atmospheric graphics. We’re not talking about ultra-detailed textures or incredible special effects on modern graphics chips. The artist’s skill allows the game to operate with relatively modest means to achieve an excellent result. In the first game, the character skied across the winter fairy-tale mountain landscapes dominated by white colors. This time, developers choose the desert, so your device screen will be in misty orange and vigorous purple colors. Watching the sunrise in the local desert is a real aesthetic pleasure.

The developers also added a special drop to the ocean of this atmosphere, without which Alto’s Odyssey wouldn’t be so great. The same melody plays during the playthrough in both parts of the game and doesn’t get boring at all. Moreover, this game has a photo mode. If you consider it necessary to take a screenshot inside the game and share directly with someone, then you just need to pause and go to the desired mode.

Despite the monotony of the gameplay, the developers have implemented the game currency in Alto’s Odyssey – gold coins, which Alto collects while descending the sandy mountains.

Why do we need coins? There is a workshop section in the main menu where players can spend this currency. Various types of equipment allow us to get advantages on our descent. For example, one helmet can save you from falling, but it does not save from falling into the abyss. However, the magic pick only saves from falling into the abyss, and that’s all. It is up to you to decide what is more important to you and what you want to buy, although there is not always enough money for these purchases.

That is why we offer you a modified version of Alto’s Odyssey that allows you to get unlimited coins from the very first launch. You can spend these riches on any improvements and equipment to easily complete levels and set new records in the game.

We have tested the mod for unlimited coins on our devices and we can assure you that it works flawlessly. Coins become available for use after the first launch of the game. All you need to do is download and install a modified version of Alto’s Odyssey from our website.

Now a few words about the gameplay. The main game screen changes depending on the weather you see when Alto rolls downthe mountain. Even quests are associated with weather, for example, take a ride in the rain, survive a thunderstorm, etc. If you swipe to the left, you get an advertisement for the previous part of the game, and if to the right – you turn on Zen mode. This mode helps to immerse in the game as much as possible without completing any tasks. However, the music becomes different in this case.

Just tap on the screen to start the gameand you will see the main character hovering in a winged suit to the landing site in order to continue his way down on the sandboard. The character controls are as simply as possible. You need to tap on the screen to jump, and if you want to do a somersault – just tap longer.

If you liked Alto’s Adventure, then the second part will certainly be to your taste. Alto’s Odyssey is a decent game. It doesn’t rely too much on the original and is suitable for beginners not familiar with Alto universe. Uncomplicated mechanics of the endless runner are fully compensated by unique and fabulous desert world. The atmosphere and graphics in this arcade are real masterpiece worthy of the golden pantheon of casual games.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Alto’s Odyssey before installing our mod to prevent errors during installation process.

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