Angry Birds Journey Mod APK (Unlimited Lives) 1.0.2

Angry Birds Journey from Rovio is long-awaited sequel to mobile arcade puzzle in familiar Angry Birds franchise. The game received an update in terms of both graphical shell and technical capabilities. Revised and expanded mechanics are still the heart of gameplay. Play in dozens of new levels with different locations, interesting side quests, supplemented by system of upgrades and much more. This app is not just another cosmetic addition to the franchise, but a complete new part of the series. As you know, original games quickly gained cult status and still take place among the most popular gaming franchises on mobile platforms. Our website also offers you to play Angry Birds Evolution and Angry Birds Transformers.

The Angry Birds series are famous all over the world for almost 10 years. We bring to your attention a detailed overview of Angry Birds Journey.

The main goal of each level in Angry Birds Journey is to destroy all pigs on the map. They build various fortifications that protect them from superpowers of feathered characters. Each level provides you with a limited number of birds that you can launch over the enemy fortifications from a huge slingshot. Every hero has its own unique abilities that help in overcoming obstacles made of certain materials. If we talk about wood, then Chuck (yellow bird) is capable of breaking through fortifications made of this material. In matters with stone, Bomb is the best, because bird explodes on contact with surface. It is impossible not to mention Blue Trinity that is perfect for dealing with glass and other fragile materials. Therefore, each bird has its own strengths and weaknesses.

You can start new location only by destroying all pigs on previous one. The more birds you have by end of the round, the more experience you get. Each of them brings you additional 10 thousand points that increase the overall rating. The more stars player receives for completing a certain stage, the better. You can check the progress of your friends on social networks in corresponding menu. Visually, the game has changed little since the release of first parts, except that all objects have excellent detailing now. As for controls in Angry Birds Journey, you can perform all actions within the game using touchscreen.

All types of angry birds in Angry Birds Journey have improvement option. In order to do this, you need to collect the required number of matching feathers. By the way, the slingshot improves itself, increasing the pulling force and casting range of feathered warriors. If you think that birds are getting better and pigs are not doing anything at this time, then you are greatly mistaken. Your green opponents will amaze you on each level. For example, you can see a fan that abruptly changes the bird trajectory. A frequent occurrence is various weapons that shoot down your birds in the air. At some stages, you can see wizards who turn birds into boxes of dynamite. Do not forget about the weather conditions, which also greatly affect the level completing. The pigs can have additional armor, which makes their destruction more difficult. You may also encounter bosses in some stages.

Angry Birds Journey offers users a better graphical environment than previous games in the series. The project is very colorful, while the variety of birds, pigs and locations can pleasantly surprise even seasoned gamers. In addition, you can hear funny soundtrack during the gameplay that may appeal to many fans of the series.

Original version of Angry Birds Journey provides players with five lives. Every live wastes if you run out of birds and the pigs are still alive. If all lives are lost, you have to wait for recovery or pay money to replenish them faster. However, you can download our mod for unlimited number of lives for more convenient gameplay.

After testing Angry Birds Journey mod, we confirm its correct and safe operation. Indeed, you get unlimited lives at your disposal, so you can play almost non-stop. Therefore, you can save your real money, because many users make donations precisely in order to play constantly. Installation file cannot harm your device, as it is completely safe.

Each chapter provides you with many unique stages desirable to complete and get three stars. During the walkthrough, you may come across golden eggs, which collection offers you to play on bonus levels. However, there are not so many collectibles in Angry Birds Journey and you need to try hard in order to find them. If we talk about weekly tournaments, then every week developers offer gamers twelve new stages. Its completing provides players with worthy rewards. Tournaments allows you to compete with your friends, who, like you, want to take first place and receive the most valuable reward.

The Angry Birds series has forever found its place in fan hearts. Main characters sink so deeply into the soul that you want to return to this beautiful world repeatedly.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Angry Birds Journey before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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