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Annelids: Online Battle is a wonderful application where developers have tried to implement high-quality graphics and simple controls. You have a worm at your disposal. Launch him into battle and watch what is happening. If you want to learn how to hit the target accurately, you should master the control of the worm. Dig new tunnels, as well as shoot at opponents. The developers have added several types of weapons, which makes the game more interesting. You have to change them constantly in order to adapt to the current situation. Take part in fights in 14 locations, distinguished by their detailed elaboration and brightness. During the battles, you receive currency, as well as buy different clothes to give the worms personality. For fans of action, we also recommend Z Escape and

Annelids: Online Battle has more than 10 million downloads. Popularity of the project is growing steadily, so join us.

Annelids: Online Battle is a classic multiplayer online arena. The gameplay focuses on multiplayer, but there is a solo campaign here with no plot connection. In most modes, player fights for himself and only in rare cases – as part of a team. Before you choose the type of battle, be sure to clarify the tactical task. In some modes, you need to capture a point, pick up and deliver the enemy flag to your base, etc. Completing each stage brings you a reward in form of stars. The more, the better. Spend currency on purchasing premium weapons and customizing your character.

Most of the weapons in Annelids: Online Battle are the same as in Worms. For example, your character can shoot a bullet that ricochets off tunnel walls, freeze opponent or cover his position with cumulative projectile. Choose different weapon options carefully. Some weapons can turn the tide on the battlefield, while others can take away your advantage. Only you decide which weapon to choose. There are many factors to analyze in order to choose the ideal one. It is worth starting not only from your preferences, but also from fight location.

Annelids: Online Battle allows up to six players to be on the field in multiplayer mode. In order to defeat everyone, you need not only weapons, but also special items. All equipment includes several categories, which allows you to select the necessary materials quickly. Players appreciated that the developers added many different locations. Today there are about 15 battlefields. Each of them has special characteristics of landscape, which gives an advantage or serves as an obstacle. Pay attention to the characteristics, because a lot depends on them. If you can take into account all the features of use in advance, you will enjoy the benefits obtained. Once you picked up your gear, start moving on to hitting your target. It is easy enough, but at first, it will be a little difficult to aim. You have to constantly crawl through tunnels, overcome numerous obstacles and dodge opponents, trying to be faster and more dangerous.

Project Annelids: Online Battle can hardly claim to be the most graphically advanced game. There is no talk about effects and animation. It is as simple as possible and undemanding to the device. Find virtual joystick on the right side of game menu. Use it to manipulate the movements of your character. Button with an up arrow on the left is a grappling hook allows you to climb steep walls. There is also a button for shooting. Sight of your hero is always in active mode. After each accurate hit, you can hear the worm cry.

We bring to your attention a mod for unlimited amount of money. Use it to upgrade your worm, purchase various weapons for him and get much more pleasure from the gameplay.

Our team has checked the mod for unlimited money in Annelids: Online Battle. We confirm its full functionality. In order to access the money, you don’t need to make any effort. Just download and install the proposed version on your device.

Annelids: Online Battle from developer Michal Srb is a multiplayer action game inspired by Worms franchise. Its essence is to win in a short round. Therefore, you often need to collect as many frags as possible for killing opponents or complete a tactical task.

Each user controls a small worm that is able to gnaw through earth, ice, rock and some other materials. There are various buffs scattered across the map where the match is taking place. Collect them to raise your own combat potential. Choose the mode as you like. You can complete levels, complete daily tasks, create your own mission or participate in online battles.

Annelids: Online Battle is a fun and addicting action game, a kind of attraction that will surely please any fan of this genre. If at one time you liked the classic Worms, then this project is worth a try.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Annelids: Online Battle before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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