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Armed Heist is a fun shooter with a gripping storyline. It’s very simple and fast to rob a bank guarded by guys armed to the teeth and armored cars are no obstacle. This is a world of grandiose crimes where you have to complete about 80 missions of varying difficulty. Become the king of robberies – try out the entire arsenal of weapons and use cunning tricks of legendary bandits. Use a large number of weapons, masks, equipment to complete the levels. You can modify your hero – make him even better and more experienced with the help of different uniforms. There are many opportunities here to make a huge amount of money – all thanks to your new friends – the robbers, bringing the character up to date. A map of future crimes is available – you develop goals, mark them on the map and achieve. In addition, if you are a fan of shooters, we recommend Standoff 2 and Gangstar New Orleans.

Find out the main features of Armed Heist from our review.

Armed Heist user has access to a large arsenal of weapons – about 30 types that are unique in their environment. Game has everything from small assault rifles to huge grenade launchers. Choose your favorite weapon, go through levels and modify it. This affects the aiming range and further convenient use. You can change the sight, barrel, muffler, stock and other points. Each of the weapons has its own skins that help make it aesthetically pleasing in appearance. Each machine gun or pistol has high-quality 3D graphics.

Armed Heist provides you with opportunity to create your own unique character. Various skins are available for this. In order to make your hero stronger, you can find armor and super suits to improve his characteristics. Explore the living world of the game and get a variety of improvements for your character to become the strongest in this gangster world.

The missions in Armed Heist are standard situations that robbers can get into. In the first of them, for example, it is necessary to fight off the police while your teammate opens the safe. Then you need to pick up the money and make your way to the exit, where the car will soon drive up. Run up to this car to complete the level. The game immediately counts the level as passed and show your game statistics. You receive prizes for passing based on these stats. You can complete some missions together with the partners you meet in the story. Thus, you need to be responsible not only for your actions, but also to monitor the fate of your companions.

Armed Heist presents bright and beautiful graphics, and special effects are striking in realism. During the game, you have to participate in large-scale firefights and watch powerful explosions more than once – all this has the highest level. In fact, few mobile projects can boast of such sophistication.

Armed Heist is a difficult game, so there is a chance of your frequent death. Nevertheless, don’t worry. We bring to your attention a modified version for immortality. After installing it, the number of your HP won’t decrease, no matter how much damage you take. In addition, the mod also reduces weapon recoil, which allows you to inflict damage even more accurately.

We have tested Armed Heist on our devices. Based on the test results, we can confirm the correct operation of immortality feature. Everything works correctly and clearly, the mod is completely safe for your gadget.

The mechanics of the firefights use a cover system. It is quite easy to deal with the police at first, but as you progress, the difficulty increases.

Sometimes you have partners – they, according to the plot, hired you to help. The more dangerous the task, the more generously it is paid. You can find a list of missions on the general map – each of them has a price and description. You can decide for yourself what to tackle next time. However, naturally, not all missions are open from the very beginning – new quests open as you progress.

The game also has loot boxes. You get them for successful missions. Everything here is according to the standard – their opening takes time, the steeper the box – the more it will open. There is an in-game currency – crystals – which you can use to open the box instantly. New weapons, masks, skins and improvements for guns drop out of the boxes.

The business is not limited to bank robberies. Some tasks involve attacking armored vehicles of collectors. Naturally, there will be many police there. Armed Heist also has other exciting types of missions.

If you like shooting games, various interesting game locations and you like to fight on the side of the crime, then Armed Heist is definitely your choice. Modify weapons, participate in massive showdowns and loot, taking all the money with you.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Armed Heist before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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