Ava’s Manor Mod APK (Unlimited Lives/Boosters) 19.0.0

Ava’s Manor is a casual game for Android from Uken Games. Play solitaire and go through the fascinating history of the old estate. Help the main character with the house restoration, choose the design of the house and garden yourself. Being a designer has never been so easy! Don’t forget to follow the development of the love line. Lovers of romance will be delighted! We also recommend you to familiarize yourself with the colorful Dragonscapes Adventure and the magnificent Merge Dragons!.

As you play solitaire, you unlock design possibilities, earn keys, open new stories and learn all about the disappearance of the estate owner.

Take care of your home decoration and make it as luxurious as before. As you go through the puzzles of Ava’s Manor, you open more and more rooms in the room. Take care of the repair! Choose items, wallpapers, colors and more the way you like best. The bedroom, kitchen, living room, library and many other rooms won’t leave you indifferent. Their majesty is visible even when abandoned. Reveal the history of each place through interior design. Do not be afraid, the repair is only on you, and no one will judge the style! In addition to the rooms near the estate, there is a beautiful garden, which is also fraught with mysteries. Trim bushes, plant flowers, put up statues or just put things in order. Unleash your imagination! The game has a huge variety of design options and styles. You just have to find your preferences and experiment!

Solitaire is not an easy game. There are many different combinations and puzzles. Train your mind, use logic and discover all the secrets that the old house keeps. Many different levels only delight you and inflame your excitement. Go ahead and unlock powerful boosters by playing solitaire. Boosters help you complete the game as quickly and colorful as possible. The app is suitable for both children and adults to develop logical thinking. Puzzles train your memory and mind so that you don’t want to break away from the game. Take a pause from external problems and relax. As in many of these games, with each level in Ava’s Manor, everything gets more complicated. At first, everything seems very simple and easy to you, but this is just training and practice so that you get used to the game. Then everything becomes much more interesting, as new tasks and puzzles appear. Boosters only develop the game. Use them wisely, because they not only make the game easier, but also confusing. Solve riddles and be aware of all the secrets and incidents that this ancient mansion keeps.

As you go through the levels, you open the keys to short stories. Each time these stories add up hidden castle mysteries to the big picture. On the way, get new evidences, analyze them and find out the most important secret. How did Ava Marvin’s uncle disappear? Her friends – the best friend Serena and faithful dog Marlowe come to your aid. The main character is not just a girl, but also a detective writer. Will she be able to investigate in real life? You have to learn all this in Ava’s Manor. Help her in this difficult task and show your detective skills! Become a Sherlock Holmes prototype for a few moments, solve all the puzzles and assemble them into a single solution.

The developers presented Ava’s Manor in excellent 3D graphics, which reveals the estate in a very colorful and detailed way. Each room with its furniture and design is well illustrated. The main characters are well thought out to the smallest detail, such as clothing, image and hairstyle. Sound effects and pleasant music help you tune in the right mood and play the game only with incomparable pleasure.

Mod for Ava’s Manor gives you access to unlimited lives. Play the game with pleasure and don’t worry that you won’t be able to continue it right away. Don’t wait or watch ads. In addition, you can purchase boosters free to make it easier for you to complete levels.

Mod for unlimited lives and free boosters in Ava’s Manor works efficiently and properly. If game regular version provided players with five lives, we made its number unlimited. As you progress through the levels with solitaire, you may need tips and improvements for which you need to pay in-game coins. However, now you can purchase them free. Antivirus scan results show, that modification is completely safe.

Ava’s Manor immerses us in an exciting adventure of secrets and puzzles. Play solitaire and discover new possibilities. Get started decorating at home and unleash your creativity! Many different tasks and puzzles in the game can pleasantly surprise you. Complete levels, earn money and spend it on improving the estate appearance. In addition, learn more and more stories of the mysterious house. Play solitaire and have fun. If you haven’t completed the level, then don’t be discouraged. It is possible to return to the beginning using one life. 

Ava’s Manor is an unusual solitaire game in which you become both a designer and a detective. Uncover new secrets and help the main character restore the estate. Many level puzzles won’t get bored. Use our unlimited lives feature to recover and play as many times as you like.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Ava’s Manor before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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