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Baby Manor is a game that combines several genres at once. It is an arcade, simulator, and match-3 puzzle. The player has to help the main character of the game Bobby to cope with usual everyday difficulties of a young man. After the birth of a child, young family moves to new house, which is far from perfect. A newly born baby is also a hassle and requires a lot of attention. His mother can do nothing, since she works as a flight attendant and is extremely rare at home. Bobby, or rather the player, has to deal with home improvement, as well as raising and caring for a child! For fans of this kind of games with such mechanics, we have prepared Ava’s Manor and Storynghton Hall.

MAGIC SEVEN studio released Baby Manor at the end of November 2020. To date, the app has more than a million users and its rating is 4.5 out of 5. Moreover, it is available for players over three years old.

Most of these games have a storyline, but Baby Manor compares favorably even in this parameter. The thought out game plot is amazing. Developers took into account many realistic details, such as changing diapers for a baby or interior details for home improvement. In addition to the hero’s family itself, you face other characters in the game. Some do their best to help the protagonist while other create small problems. To overcome all difficulties you can use quick solution in form of match-3 puzzles, differing in dynamics. The levels have random difficulty, but are passable thanks to powerful boosters that you can create on the field or earn during the game. All this makes the game familiar but different. Exciting and fun!

Baby Manor allows the gamer to feel like a novice interior designer, creating his own, unique style of home decoration. During the game, you have at least three options for the type of one or another item installed during the repair process. In addition, the player has the opportunity at any time to change the appearance of an element with one click on it. This allows you not only to create your own style, but also to change it. Experiment, show imagination and empirically create a dream home for a young family.

A nice bonus for players is the opportunity to play Baby Manor in two modes – online and offline. While connected to the network, you can receive updates and new puzzles, as well as chat with other players, create alliances or join them. Offline mode allows you to enjoy all the delights of the game saving all your progress made during the session.

The graphics at Baby Manor are vibrant. The difference between textures is in excellent quality. Such rendering allows you to view and enjoy even the smallest elements. Beautifully crafted animation creates a sense of presence, while special effects add dynamics. Moreover, the creators made sure that the player could view the entire playing space using an isometric camera. The sound in Baby Manor is rich – the effects are pleasing to ear and accompanying soundtrack complements the gameplay.

Lack of play money can be an obstacle to getting the most out of the game. We propose you to download the game version that contains a mod for unlimited money. With its help, you can solve all the problems and comfortably move through the game locations.

Baby Manor mod provides an unlimited amount of money to player’s account. Our team has checked the game and its mod to confirm their correct operation. Thus, you can choose any items and toys for your baby, including elite ones. Moreover, you can use additional tips during the match-3 puzzles. Follow our instructions below to install the game properly.

Baby Manor is a casual adventure that easily reaches the hearts of young parents, as the game is close to reality. Players not only have to solve puzzles, equip the house and raise a child. The game includes many actions from real life including conditionally financial component. You can buy some home decor items or clothing items for a baby only for in-game money. It’s not easy to earn currency, but it spends very quickly. However, with unlimited money feature this is no longer a problem for you.

The game controls are convenient and simple. Gameplay is rational and well thought out. You can even control the game with one hand. This process doesn’t cause any inconvenience, but allows you to play comfortably anywhere and in almost any situation.

Baby Manor is an amazing game that can win love from the first launch. It is bright, dynamic and funny way to have fun or relieve stress!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Baby Manor before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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