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Basketball Arena is an arcade-style mobile sports mobile basketball simulator developed by London studio Masomo Gaming. The company is famous to fans of arcade sports for its good project Head Ball 2. This projected presented confrontation between two characters who act only with their heads. For obvious reasons, such an approach cannot work with basketball – there are no headshots in this sport. However, the mechanics remained the same. Project features matches between 2 characters who can use different abilities, spending energy on it. When the energy runs out, the substitute comes out, but the match continues, until the time runs out. If you are interested in sports projects, then download also Football Manager 2021 Touch.

Basketball Arena is an original game that has almost no analogues. For several months, project collected more than 5 million downloads. Its average mark is 4.4 points.

The gameplay in Basketball Arena takes place in short matches in which two players participate. Each player can take two characters to the match. Despite this, only one character from one team always participates in a match at a time. They change in those cases when person on the field runs out of energy. Real opponents are in matchmaking mode. Therefore, you have a playground, two characters and two baskets. The action takes place in two-dimensional space, so just running behind your opponent will not work. To do this, you will have to use the haste ability. Getting behind your opponent and throwing the ball into the basket is a surefire way to get ahead of the match.

It is logical that everyone will use it in most cases. The second popular option was the three-pointer – athletes practically do not smear here, so it is profitable to use it. Keep in mind, however, that a three-pointer uses more energy than other shots.

The gameplay mechanics in Basketball Arena are also quite interesting. It is a collectible game where you have to win basketball matches. However, the rules here are different. You can just throw your opponent over with a three-pointer, freeze him or even become invisible! There are super attacks that you need to find in chests and pump. Each battle has a clear period and during this time, you need to manage to score more points than your opponent does. Different throws bring a different number of points, depending on the range of throw. In a word, basketball fans will quickly figure it out. There are no levels in the game. You just play matches one by one. A single training mode is available: a basketball player throws balls into the basket under supervision of a coach. Each action of the athlete leads to recommendations and comments along the way.

Basketball Arena characters are divided into five levels, each with six characters. Team members have next characteristics: amount of energy, speed of its recovery, reserve energy, team jump, movement speed, etc. You can improve skills through collectible cards and victories in matches. It is possible to choose a different uniform and equipment, customizing the style according to his wishes. All your victories and the resulting rating are visible in the table. High places not only allow you to collect the entire collection of characters, but also receive special bonuses.

The cartoon style drawing resembles the style of heroes of the previous developer’s project – Head Ball. Characters resemble gnomes with big heads, often basketball stars act as prototypes. You can hear accompanying dynamic music during the gameplay process.

So that nothing distracts you during the gameplay of Basketball Arena, we recommend you to download the mod without ads. It allows players to focus on the game fully.

Our testers have checked Basketball Arena and its mod that disables all ads. It can really be useful, since there are many ads in the game. At the same time, there are no bonuses for viewing ads, so you won’t lose anything. There are no pop-up ads in it, as in many other simple arcade games. Basketball Arena is designed for long playthroughs. There is a system for collecting heroes and upgrading them. You can also change trainers and improve special hits, which are very powerful. In short, there is always something to do.

It is a simple and fun arcade game with own visual style that fans could see in the studio’s previous project. Athletes look very peculiar here and this style is cool. Therefore, the studio games have own face.

Energy plays an important role in the Basketball Arena. Each action of the character requires its costs. There are several of them. In addition to moving back and forth on the court, you can also jump, intercept ball when throwing opponent, accelerate and throw the balls yourself. You can also use super blows, which temporarily incapacitate the enemy or give you advantage in other ways.

Control mechanics require the use of four buttons. There are two arrows for moving forward/backward (bottom left), jumping and hitting the head (button with image of sneaker), throwing (key with a hand). Special abilities appear below the enemy’s shield. If your hero spent all energy, you can use another basketball player. Made substitutions simply during the match. Energy restores gradually outside the field.

Every victory brings rewards in form of gold and diamonds. The latter are very valuable, as its main source is money investments. You can buy equipment, discover/buy new athletes and improve their characteristics and abilities.

Basketball Arena will appeal to all basketball fans. It allows players of all ages to compete against real opponents and have a lot of fun.

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