Beat Fire Mod APK (Unlimited Coins) 1.1.58

Beat Fire is a Tiles Hop inspired music game with a few striking differences and interesting game mechanics. Firstly, unlike the progenitor, you have to play mainly electronic and modern popular music. Secondly, it is necessary not to hit the constantly changing tiles, but to aim and shoot at various graphic elements that appear on the screen. Thirdly, the game has much better quality and it’s visually interesting. It is ahead of its predecessors on the technical side by several points.

Beat Fire has more than ten million active players and more than 200 thousand of them left positive reviews about the game.

Beat Fire developers have taken great care to ensure that all players have access to a playlist of a huge variety of tracks. You have access to both sensational songs like Alan Walker – Faded, as well as completely new musical compositions that are just conquering the charts. In addition, the game has many songs from not famous performers. You can always not only enjoy the gameplay, but also discover new names in the world of music. However, there are quite a few songs from famous artists among the available compositions, such as, for example, Marshmello. You can add the songs that you like the most to the playlist of your favorite songs. The “hot” section allows you to find the most listened and popular tracks.

Beat Fire is not only about music, but also about shooting. A large arsenal of weapons is available in the game, which differ not only in appearance, but also in some other features. For example, Phantom allows you to avoid being hit by a bomb in expert mode, Sky Marshal in the same mode allows you to avoid death. Rainbow 7 gives 10 more coins in rewards, while RW allows you to use a shield. Laser gun doubles your points in endless mode and Agent-1 allows you to avoid death in the same mode. In addition, each weapon changes the model of your scope. Some look like neon crosshairs from the future, while other crosshairs seem to come running to you from spaceships. Moreover, you can change the appearance of the map, where all the action takes place, as well as change the models of tiles.

As you know, it is important to get into the rhythm and at the same time not miss various objects flying down. If you are newbie, you can always go through any songs at the lowest difficulty level. For more advanced and experienced players, there is a more difficult option in Beat Fire, when everything moves a little faster. The elements are scattered farther from each other and the goals are larger. In expert difficulty mode, new dangers await you, while the level itself becomes more varied and difficult. In addition, the game has an endless mode where you can play through the same looped song until you go wrong. Moreover, there are short levels, following one after another, where you do not choose the song yourself.

Beat Fire is made in a style that combines retro wave and techno music virtualization. In addition, there are many detailed skins and models of weapons, scopes and tiles. Music is the main highlight of the game. There is a lot of it here, different, fast and slow, but it is all from EDM directions. The sounds in the game are not annoying. Everything happens according to the music rhythm. However, you can adjust the delay of sounds and tiles, as well as adjust sight sensitivity, just like in shooters.

In order to unlock many of weapons and tile patterns in Beat Fire, as well as to play expert mode and unlock new songs, you need coins. Lots of coins. Usually, you can earn money by going through already open songs, but not everyone is ready to play for a long time, hearing the same music in the background for hours. We can solve your problem by providing the ability to download unlimited coins mod for Beat Fire.

Our team checked Beat Fire and its unlimited coins feature. Indeed, immediately after installing the mod, you get infinite amount of money to your account. Spend all these riches on new soundtracks, because the game has a very large library of music, but not all tracks are available at once. In addition, you can change the skins of tiles and weapons. We also tested the game to make sure it doesn’t contain any malware.

Beat Fire gameplay is quite simple, entertaining and enjoyable. You need to aim your weapon at the tiles falling down according to the music rhythm. The shot happens by itself, if you did everything correctly. Money allows you to open music and new weapons, as well as models of falling tiles.

Beat Fire is an excellent time killer and enjoyable game that combines things loved by many – excellent quality music and simple uncomplicated gameplay.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Beat Fire before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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