Blade and Soul: Revolution Mod APK (No Skill CD)

Blade and Soul: Revolution is a new MMORPG that is essentially a spin-off of an earlier PC game. From the very beginning, you have to choose a class for your future hero and customize his appearance. Each class has specialized skills that you can use in chains of strikes. Join the wars between two warring factions and participate in wall-to-wall battles. Enjoy open fantasy world, hero leveling, clan system, quests, resource trade, various battle modes, pets and so on. Travel through magnificent landscapes in full 3D and watch more than 150 cutscenes that provide deep immersion in storyline. Join this adventure now to get nice bonuses and gifts at the start. If you are interested in MMORPG, then download also Bless Mobile and Lord of Heroes.

Millions of gamers have been waiting for the release of Blade and Soul: Revolution. However, why this game is so special? We will tell you now.

Before starting your adventure in Blade and Soul: Revolution, you must select a race and class. There are only four races here. They are wangs, shengs, lins and fans. In a more understandable language, wans and shens are some kind of warriors, while lins are magicians. Fan race features only women. After choosing a race, you must choose a class: master of kung fu, master of ax, master of blade, master of elements and master of summoning. In general, you can roughly understand by the names what abilities particular class represents. After you decide, you need to customize hero appearance. There are no special features in local character editor, although you can spend too much on this step.

Blade and Soul: Revolution is renowned for its storyline and storytelling. Game plot is dramatic. Your beloved teacher and all your friends are killed. You have to fight hordes of demons that have flooded the game world and close portals to their world opened by Dark Lord. Despite usual twists, it is always interesting to know how this or that chapter will end. Immerse in betrayals, unexpected events and even love lines. Moreover, game features cinematic cut-scenes, so you can play and watch an interesting movie at the same time.

Blade and Soul: Revolution can boast of open world battles between players through confrontation between main factions. The most interesting thing is arena. Arena battles include 1v1 and 3v3 options. Players need to use their ability to react to situation with lightning speed, pressing buttons in time. There is no dependence on objects here. By the way, Blade and Soul is a game discipline for tournaments in South Korea. This is an indication of how cool the PVP mode is here.

Players in Blade and Soul: Revolution can choose from World bosses and dungeons for up to six players, which difficulty estimates according to name and three raids that can accommodate up to 12 players. Variety of dungeons will not let you get bored. There are also complicated versions for already played parties. Therefore, communicate with other players, unite in groups and get valuable artifacts. In addition, there are exciting dungeons for one player. Each floor of the tower is more difficult than previous one and repeatedly challenges player, offering interesting rewards.

Blade and Soul: Revolution offers users high-quality 3D graphics and surround sound. At the same time, the game has poor optimization, which can cause difficulties for players with medium and weak devices.

Please note that you need about 4.5 gigabytes to install the app on your device. Do not forget to free up the required amount of memory beforehand.

We bring you Blade and Soul: Revolution mod with No Skill Cooldown feature. Now, you can use your special skills almost continuously.

We checked the performance of Blade and Soul: Revolution. By installing the proposed version, you get an opportunity to attack your enemies faster, because No Skill CD mod removes cooldown of spells and skills.

As is usually the case with Asian MMORPGs, appearance of characters is almost the most important aspect in item system. Blade and Soul: Revolution is a clear example of this. Clothing here is just a skin that does not affect characteristics. You can improve strength of your hero through jewelry, weapons, gems and trigrams. There is also a traditional sharpening of objects called morph.

Blade and Soul: Revolution has a huge variety of resources that fall almost simultaneously. Initially this can be quite difficult to deal with, but afterwards it all falls into place. We were surprised by system of buying out loot from your partymates. After boss defeating, you can participate in auction, where each of group members can place bids. Winner of auction takes the item, while remaining teammates share the winner’s bid.

Blade and Soul: Revolution is a decent spin-off for PC version of the cult game. We can recommend it to all MMORPG lovers.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Blade and Soul: Revolution before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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