Blade Forge 3D Mod APK (No Ads) 1.2.2

Experience all the difficulties of ancient profession and become a true master of your craft in Blade Forge 3D. Mine the best ore from the depths of earth and get to work! The process of sword creating is a real art with no weaklings. Are you ready to fight? Choose enemy, forge sword for yourself and engage in battle. Choose the shape of your sword wisely, temper it in flame and test your strength. Do not give up after every failure and try again until you reach perfection! Find all kinds of tools for working with metal. Smelt a sword with your own hands, hone its shape on anvil and even cut out a handle. Take on new forms, improve your skills and become the most glorious warrior! We also recommend casual games Teacher Simulator and Oh God!

Read our review to find out the main features of Blade Forge 3D.

First, you need to choose one of the presented types of metal, suitable for one of sword types. Once you have made your choice, plant metal for smelting in furnace. When it reaches the desired consistency, it is worth pouring it into prepared form in order to achieve the correct shape for future use in Blade Forge 3D. When your product has set a little, immerse it in water or oil for hardening and making it more durable.

As soon as you finish soaking your work piece, you should give it the desired shape by adjusting individual details. In order to do this, simply knock on protruding parts with huge hammer. Please note that it is necessary do everything accurately, because there is a high probability of breaking the weapon.

Blade Forge 3D allows you to compete with other participants, trying to show your abilities in difficult test. You have to make weapon and then go to test it in the confrontation. Cut opponents and chop them down, getting a good reward for this. The more you can cut objects, the better it will be for further progress. Developers decided to create not just an ordinary game, but also add many elements of competition. You have to fight with other players, trying to squeeze out all of available weapons to the maximum. If you manage to get rid of the target before enemy, then you can get generous reward. You may even come across a rare necessary item or currency, which is also useful.

Gradually discover new types of alloys, learn to design new types of fixtures and improve production technology. At first, the swords are simple and very fragile, but gradually you will be able to form stronger alloys and shapes that can be useful in any duel. As you progress through Blade Forge 3D storyline, you unlock new types of alloys, which allow you to get stronger outfits. As opportunities open up, it becomes much more entertaining to study what is happening and more interesting to play in general.

Blade Forge 3D features beautiful, vibrant graphics that let you watch the action with excitement. Soundtrack is also perfect – each element of sword blank has its own recognizable sound. Game allows you to feel like a warrior and a blacksmith at the same time.

Many users note elaboration of the gameplay, but complain about abundance of ads in Blade Forge 3D. Indeed, commercials appear almost every minute, which is extremely distracting and annoying in general. Fortunately, you can download a mod with all ads removed.

Based on testing results of Blade Forge 3D mod, we guarantee you no ads in the game. However, such a feature has a small drawback. Now, you cannot watch video after each battle in order to increase the reward. However, playing without ads is much more convenient and enjoyable. Just download our modified version and don’t be distracted by anything other than the gameplay.

Blade Forge 3D is a superb casual game where you have to dive headlong into blacksmithing. At first, it seems that all this is incredibly difficult, but gradually you will be able to deal with all weapon types. You have to grow from yourself a real master of blacksmithing, capable of forging any type of weapon.

First, you need to decide on a mixture that can go into making a durable and incredible weapon. Choose something specific or create an extraordinary mixture and send it to melt in forge. As soon as it reaches the desired consistency, it is worth quickly pouring it into prepared forms. By hardening, you need to dip the product in water or oil solution. If you notice that sword has some irregularities, Blade Forge 3D allows you to walk through these places with hammer, trying to make it perfect.

Do not forget to attach beautiful artsy handles to the blade that can fit perfectly in the warrior’s hand. After finishing the weapon formation, it is necessary to check its properties in upcoming confrontation. Try to test the weapon, because sometimes creation formula has to be refined.

Creators of Blade Forge 3D did a good job of designing the game, as it came out entertaining and interesting. Project has many unusual features and benefits, making players enjoy during the gameplay process.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Blade Forge 3D before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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