Block Craft 3D Mod APK (Unlimited Coins) 2.13.9

Block Craft 3D is sure to please everyone who loves Minecraft style games and city building simulators. If you love architecture and the creation of settlement infrastructure, then this project is just for you. Such a pixel art simulator has well-thought-out logic and is suitable not only for children, but for adults. The game has two modes and great opportunities to implement the project of city of dreams. Thanks to the sheer number of blocks, you can build whatever you want. For lovers of construction simulators, we can also offer City Island 5 and Idle Construction 3D.

2 million positive reviews and over 100 million installations. Is this not enough for you? Find out more about Block Craft 3D benefits in our review.

First, you need to build a well and a small house. Now, you can continue to develop your future city. Among other missions, you have to build various popular architectural structures of our planet: Hollywood sign, Taj Mahal, White House, etc. Thanks to many different tips, it is possible to create the most complex architectural masterpieces.

You can choose one of two game modes in order to play Block Craft 3D. The options offered are identical, but the distinguishing parameter is the presence of monsters. Fans of survival competitions will definitely love the battle with monsters. Otherwise, you can plunge into creative construction and build a whole city.

When there are enough buildings in your village, the first inhabitants begin to arrive to you. You can customize their gender, appearance and clothing. Just expand your settlement constantly to have more of them. Residents and animals (you can add the latter in a special menu located in the lower right corner) can carry out various activities, thereby enlivening the surrounding area.

The arsenal of weapons in Block Craft 3D is quite large and includes both melee and ranged weapons. It is important to understand that material used for creation is of decisive importance in strength of weapons and armor. Therefore, it is necessary to look for new places constantly. Almost all of the local fauna is available for taming. Pets can accompany the owner and help in battles. Developers have implemented a decent number of pets. There are even elephants among them!

Multiplayer opens up a whole mountain of possibilities for the player. Besides cooperative building, gamers can trade with each other. Seeds and ready-made goods, as well as rare raw materials, are especially popular in Block Craft 3D. In single player mode, you have to look for all this yourself, while multiplayer allows you to buy simply any resource from another person. Battles between players can take a long time. It all depends on the amount of resources on each side. It is best for beginners not to start with multiplayer, but rather prepare on weaker wild animals.

The graphics in Block Craft 3D represent a similar style that gamers could see in Minecraft. However, the developers added some serious improvements and huge number of blocks of various colors and sizes. The gamma is especially bright. Therefore, you have to get used to it, as the world may seem somewhat strange. The soundtrack is not rich, but it is quite enough for comfortable gameplay and long-term resource extraction.

If you do not want to be engaged in urban planning for a long time, then we can offer you to download Block Craft 3D with mod for unlimited coins. With it, you can easily open all the available buildings in the game. Moreover, you can complete the construction of even the most complex objects in the shortest possible time.

Our team has tested the unlimited coins feature for Block Craft 3D. The test results confirm its complete functionality. You can use an almost endless supply of coins to build the most architecturally complex buildings quickly. Thanks to our mod, you can quickly build a city that all users in the game can admire. In addition, we also tested installation file for viruses. Scanning did not reveal the presence of malware.

Gameplay in Block Craft 3D is all about gathering resources and building. You can build an entire village as part of the gameplay, fill it with life and then place a skyscraper in the neighborhood. Get an unprecedented freedom of action, as you can do whatever you want within the framework of gameplay mechanics. Conduct the session either alone or with friends. Simple controls and dozens of ready-made construction projects make your immersion in the gameplay as comfortable as possible.

As for the narrative, you are free to create it in any form. Come up with tasks for yourself, challenge the talents of a designer, create your own projects and share results with other players. The game acts as just a tool in the gamer hands, as with its help you can create. This is not to say that the lack of plot is a clear drawback, but it is still a sandbox and nobody makes you play it.

Block Craft 3D can help you to build a real metropolis and develop it. Create houses, service enterprises, industrial plants and factories from the available blocks. Moreover, you can decorate each building not only externally, but also furnish it with necessary elements inside. Just realize your creativity.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Block Craft 3D before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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