BombSquad Mod APK (Unlocked) 1.6.0

BombSquad is a game that continues the tradition of the beloved game from the 8-bit consoles of the 90s Bomberman. Controlling a funny character, you have to throw bombs at enemies. Use various bonuses and mines, complete tasks in mini-games and enjoy non-standard gameplay. The game has a non-standard and funny visual style. All locations make you smile and the authors clearly approached the development of the character with humor. You should keep an eye on the terrain and constantly drop-down bonuses to become the best in BombSquad. We also recommend downloading Bazooka Boy and Soul Knight.

BombSquad has become a truly “explosive” game because of not only its gameplay, but also alarming the entire world of mobile gaming during its release.

Since BombSquad is not only a single player but also a multiplayer game, it makes perfect sense that the characters of all players should be different. The developers approached this issue creatively and with humor, providing many different opportunities to diversify the appearance of your hero. You can work out in detail the appearance of your character, of course, taking into account the graphic features and the humor of the developers. All the changeable details of the appearance have many different customization options. Creating a funny and interesting character in BombSquad is an easy, but very exciting task. You can get creative and make yourself a unique and interesting hero.

All locations in BombSquad have interesting and funny style, but at the same time, they are radically different from each other. Here you can find fantasy zones with huge mushrooms from which you can fall and end your battle. Zones with realistic landscapes are also available, making it difficult to destroy the enemy. Don’t forget about levels, consisting of wooden cubes. At the same time, everything has a style reminiscent of excessive realism, as if Tim Burton himself worked on the visual component. Game also includes perfectly drawn characters and all the options for clothing, performed in the same slightly gloomy funny style.

BombSquad gameplay is far from just throwing a bomb in line with the enemy in order to destroy him and not kill himself. Here you have a huge variety of both locations and game modes. It’s easier to fight in some locations. Visit open game arena with a flat landscape, where everything depends only on the reaction and skill of the players. Some are more difficult – you come across a location with a large number of different obstacles and complex landscape. There are also many different modes in the game. You can throw bombs at other players, capture the flag, race and jump high on fantasy locations. You can even play football with a bomb, of course.

The game very pleasantly surprises with its graphics, atypical for such a simple project. Detailed complex levels, well-designed custom characters, and all this seems to be inspired by Tim Burton’s gloomy humor. Nice and simple interface does not cause any problems. The music is also at the highest level. It complements the walkthrough of interesting mini-games with beautiful melodies that don’t draw the player’s attention.

You have to play it a lot of time to unlock all the game content and customization options in BombSquad. However, the game is exciting and it doesn’t seem like a big problem. Many people want to have access to everything in the game at once to enjoy only the gameplay. We give you a similar opportunity if you download a mod with everything unlocked at once. Therefore, you can unlock all available skins and test everything you want in different and exciting game modes.

Our team has tested unlocked mod on numerous devices. We definitely can recommend this game to everyone. By downloading the BombSquad, you get access to all modes at once, including multiplayer. We tested installation file and guarantee that it is safe for your gadget.

The gameplay in the game consists in throwing bombs at the enemy. You need to kill the enemy or interfere with the performance of various tasks in mini-games. At the same time, there is a huge number of mini-games and somewhere the question of victory is in the recruitment of a large number of players. Don’t forget about the banal choice of “who is cooler”, where the same you need to either come to the finish line first, or become the best using other methods.

BombSquad is definitely one of the best mobile games out there. It provides the player with great gameplay along with great visuals and sounds without forcing the player to pay for everything.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of BombSquad before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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