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Bonetale is an arcade quest game for Android from Woloned. Play as the main character – a skeleton named Sansa, help him overcome all obstacles and trials and defeat all his enemies. Travel to new places and unlock new tasks and puzzles. By the way, for fans of the arcade genre, we have prepared Granny: Chapter Two and Jetpack Chicken.

At first glance, Bonetale seems very simple, but it is not. Many different tasks and quests make the game very interesting and unusual.

Bonetale has many interesting levels that can surprise you with their complexity and mystery. Each level has own decorations and presented in a specific color scheme and style. Different locations don’t let you get bored with the game that you want to keep playing it over and over again. Creators thought out the levels enough that it is not so easy to pass them. There are enemies at each level and you need to fight them using your special techniques. Besides levels, you can choose a difficulty mode. At the very beginning, only the easy one is available to you. However, as you progress through the game, others open to you. Play and unlock new tasks, levels and opportunities!

Your character has a variety of self-defense techniques in Bonetale. Bones are something you can use to attack the enemy and make him more vulnerable. By pressing the button where the bone is drawn, you activate the attack. Then bones fly directly into the enemy and red damage numbers appear above him. You also have other types of attacks in the form of heart, lightning, skeleton head and ghosts. The most powerful is the one in the middle of the joystick – the ghost. Study them properly so that you can cope with protection perfectly.

When you start Bonetale, you are unlikely to understand what is what. Nevertheless, when you start over, immediately press the attack buttons to prevent the attack and the end of the game. Don’t give up if everything seems too fast and complicated to you. You can figure it out with ease. Press the bones until the opponent runs away from you at a distance.

Bonetale has a Store tab in the main menu. The main person in the store is a man with a pumpkin head on his shoulders. At the bottom, there is a menu with a choice: coins, costumes, characters and cards. Earn coins while completing levels and battling enemies to purchase them. Read the quests info and complete to unlock cards, characters and some costumes. The conditions relate to the passage of various levels of difficulty and victories over certain enemies. Don’t be discouraged if you still haven’t collected the required number of coins or completed levels. Everything comes with time. Play and get new opportunities!

Bonetale’s graphics are 2D. The pixelated characters and locations give a good nod to retro gaming. The entire design of the game has own style. Developers drawn each location in its own way to make it unique. The music is unusual. It is very mysterious in the main menu, but it is positive and melodic in the store, attracting shopping. During the game, there is a soundtrack and sound effects for each of the attacks.

Our mod gives you unlimited energy for your character. Thus, you can use various skills and techniques for an unlimited amount of time. The regular game version allows using only a limited amount of energy, and it becomes quite difficult to play. However, if the complexity of Bonetale scares you, then download unlimited energy feature and enjoy the walkthrough without experiencing any special difficulties.

Based on the results of checking the mod for unlimited amount of energy, we can confirm its full performance. Just download the game and plunge into the unlocked gameplay with endless energy. This can definitely make it easier for you. Our team of testers also checked installation file for all sorts of malware and viruses. The game is safe and doesn’t slow down your android device.

Bonetale is a complex game that conveys an atmosphere of mystery and enigma. It has a form of quest, where you have to wander and attack your enemies, while earning points and coins. Game controls are presented in the form of a joystick. On the left side you may find the character movement button, and on the right side – the attack button. The developers completely immersed the game in the days of the old pixel games.

Bonetale is a great game for quest and adventure lovers. Become a skeleton and complete this mysterious puzzle, fighting various enemies on your way. Overcome difficulties and win! Moreover, our solution for unlimited energy allows you to add more fun to the walkthrough.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Bonetale before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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