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Boom Beach is a dynamic real-time strategy game in which you have to conquer numerous islands scattered around the world. The main theme has mixed several eras. Here you can lead soldiers armed with heavy hammers to attack, and in the next wave send formidable tanks to demolish everything in their path. The global map represents a form of islands located close to each other. Each island belongs to either a bot controlled by AI or a real player. Your main task comes down to constant development and attacks on enemy military bases. If you like strategies, then we can also offer you Dragon City and Adventure Communist.

50 million downloads and 6 million positive reviews speak for themselves. If that’s not enough, let’s look at the main benefits of this project.

The plot of Boom Beach is rather blurry, as each new update adds a new chapter of adventures. The original goal of the entire gameplay was to capture the islands of opponents for the sake of resources and world domination. Next, there were missions where players have to must free the enslaved islanders, who are the indigenous population of this territory. Well, the battles against the creatures of darkness have also left a mark on the overall picture of history. All formalities aside, here you can find constant competition with other gamers. Each user wants to prove that he is better than others are. Bizarre weapons, building textures and character animations create a unique atmosphere of quality strategy.

After building the base, you can open a world map, where you can choose your goals. Before attacking enemy bases, you can conduct reconnaissance to find out all the weak points. Boom Beach allows you to sse ships to land your troops on the enemy island. The battle takes place automatically, so you cannot control your fighters in any way. The goal of each attack is to destroy the enemy headquarters. If this does not happen, then the attack fails. For victory, you receive an impressive amount of resources and medals of skill, which determine the rank of a gamer. Moreover, you can also find treasures hidden in the depths of the ocean.

Boom Beach has a well-developed clan system. Your allies can give you an army, resources and other tokens. Moreover, you can try Operations Mode. Its main goal is to besiege the base of powerful opponents together with your comrades. Anyone can take part in massive battles. More recently, the developers have added a PvP mode, where you can fight other gamers in real time. The battle takes place on ships, which looks epic. Upgrading the ship and adding new weapons is also available.

Supercell is famous for developing quality games with crisp, vibrant and great graphics, and Boom Beach is no exception. Tropical passages, white sandy beaches, turquoise water, etc. When an explosion occurs, the water in the ocean moves and the trees bend. Sound quality also works great. Most of the music used in the game matches the atmosphere of the island.

As we said above, any building development or character upgrading takes more time. Without doing this, your base cannot progress. In order to save you time, we suggest you download unlimited money mod for Boom Beach. With its help, you can speed up the construction and production of buildings and units, thereby maximizing the enjoyment of the game process.

Our team checked out the unlimited money mod for Boom Beach. The test results confirm its full functionality. Already at the first start of the game, you get access to an almost endless supply of coins and diamonds, which can make your base an impregnable fortress in the shortest possible time. Moreover, we also checked installation file for viruses. The scan results did not reveal any malware.

At first glance, it might seem similar to the Clash of Clans, with one difference – the action takes place in style of the Second World War. The main goal of the game is to build a huge base and make sure that the opponents have it as small as possible. Take care of the command post – this is your key building in Boom Beach and if you lose it, the game will end. As in all strategies, you need to extract resources and take care of its placement. Don’t forget about the defense – build machine guns, mortars and sniper towers to protect settlement.

Any construction in Boom Beach takes a huge amount of time. The same deal with buildings upgrades – the higher your level, the longer you have to wait (a couple of hours is not the limit). However, real money can save the player from having to wait. Still not everything is so bad – the same can be done for crystals. This currency comes across in the game quite often so it is quite possible to play in Boom Beach without real investments.

As for the combat mechanics, now the player is more involved in the raid process than, for example, in Clash of Clans. If in the latter, you simply choose which troops to place on the battlefield, then in Boom Beach you can indicate priority targets using signal flares. Personally, we like this approach more.

The project can suit all fans of the strategy genre. Go through an interesting single-player campaign with a storyline or have fun in online battles with real players. Improve our own territories and provide your people with the most powerful weapons. An excellent upgrading system in Boom Beach can pleasantly surprise you with its own variety. Any improved building looks a hundred times more superior and dignified than before, while your fighters become stronger and multiply in number. Drive all opponents from the archipelago and prove to everyone that you are a worthy leader.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Boom Beach before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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