Bouncy Stick Mod APK (Unlimited Coins) 2.5

Bouncy Stick is a cute and entertaining game made in accordance with all the canons of arcade. If you need something that can quickly cheer you up, you should pay attention to the project in question. Make unusual jumps and learn how to jump off various surfaces, as well as perform unusual combinations. Firstly, everything seems simple and easy, so you don’t even need to strain. We don’t know players who were not delighted with stick movement. If you are a fan of fun games, then we can also offer you Angry Birds Journey and Puzzles and Survival.

Let’s take a look at the main project benefits together.

Bouncy Stick gameplay implements unusual camera side view, but it can change depending on your position. It is also worth noting that not all obstacles are the same. There are solid blocks that you just need to jump over, interfering with landscape itself, since playthrough is not straight. Moreover, all locations contain ceilings that can help you to fly off literally.

Bouncy Stick features several modes, such as normal run, time trial or PvP with different victory conditions. All you have to do in simple rounds is to cross the finish line. As for the race against time, your main task is to complete the stage, as soon as the time runs out. Otherwise, you can lose if you did not manage to cross the finish line. In addition, there is also a mode where you need to compete with enemy. Start from the same positions, but with one new rule – there can be only one winner. Second participant is a bot with ability to jump over some obstacles, so don’t relax.

You have to take control of unusual stick and send it into free flight. It jumps very cool, allowing you to collect movement combinations. Bouncy Stick contains a wide variety of obstacles that can greatly slow down your movement. If you successfully pass all the obstacles, then you can receive a good reward. Managing actions is very easy and fun. Developers did a good job on these moments, trying not to complicate the life of players.

As in other games from VOODOO, Bouncy Stick offers uncomplicated graphics and almost complete absence of musical effects. However, this is both a flaw and a feature of the project. Do not forget that we are facing the most ordinary time killer, so all the efforts of developers were thrown into creating hypnotizing gameplay.

We bring to your attention a mod for unlimited coins for Bouncy Stick. Use it to easily try other skins and go through even more levels.

Our team tested the unlimited coins mod for Bouncy Stick to confirm its functionality. In fact, when you first turn on the game, you become the owner of a practically unlimited supply of money. Spend them at your own discretion. We also assure that installation file is safe, as our specialists have checked it using several anti-virus app.

Main goal of each level in Bouncy Stick is to cross the finish line. In order to do this, you need to carry out several jumps, using various devices for this. A beautiful unreal world awaits you, where only you decide what to do next. It is very difficult to overcome obstacles and traps, so be prepared to hang in this world for a long time. As soon as you come to the stage end, you need to complete all previously set goals. In case of not fulfilling something, you cannot get the desired reward.

Simply touch the screen with your finger, moving your ward from side to side. It is necessary to do this quickly and accurately, because the further outcome of events in Bouncy Stick depends on it. Constantly change the angle of inclination, choose new paths of movement, trying to do everything possible to land in the right direction. Go the maximum distance, because the acquired multiplier of points depends on this.

The more stages you complete, the more difficult they become. You have to overcome a maximum of obstacles, break certain traps, ride on special trampolines and much more. Try to move as quickly and accurately as possible, if you do not want to fly into an unnoticed trap accidentally. The faster your reaction, the better the result will be.

VOODOO has once again managed to attract millions of users by releasing a game with the simplest gameplay. This is not surprising, because it turned out to be an excellent time killer. If you want to relax and cheer up, then you should definitely download Bouncy Stick.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Bouncy Stick before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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