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Bowmasters is a mobile action game from Miniclip. The project offers the user the opportunity to become a real master of archery, defeat enemies. Prove your superiority in various arenas against tough bosses. The game has a rather simple appearance, but well-thought-out physics of the behavior of objects. Thanks to such behavior, shooting here turned out to be really exciting and realistic. Consider the distance to kill enemies, choose the correct strength and direction of attack. Participate in different game modes and try yourself in tournaments, games with friends or other players online. Become the most accurate shooter and perform a spectacular fatality, finishing off your opponent. For fans of funny arcade games, we also suggest Mr Ninja and Talking Tom Fly Run.

Bowmasters is a simple and addictive game. Find out its main advantages from our review.

At the very beginning, you need to decide on the game mode. There are five of them in the game:

As you progress through the Bowmasters storyline, new protagonists are unlocked. There are 42 of them now. You can access each of them by going through the game levels. In addition to their appearance, the characters depend on the type of weapon and ammunition available. These can be axes, playing cards, arrows, spears and any other items, which allow killing the enemy in ranged combat. Different weapons can have different properties. Therefore, a card sharper can throw a card that crumbles into several different directions with a mouse click. You get the increased chance to hit the enemy.

Bowmasters is one of the liveliest games for Android. Dozens of cool and interesting locations with a wide variety of views and decorations await the user here. Fight against the backdrop of a colorful forest, gloomy cemetery, endless desert, majestic sea or blue sea. Get into the game mood as you explore different terrain designs and kill enemies with your accurate shots.

If you are tired of passing the storyline, then call your friends and find out who is the most accurate and calculating shootes. Enjoy cool characters, create a hero, come up with a style and image for him and go on the attack. Open the global leaderboards and try to match or even improve the achievement of the Bowmasters record holders by participating in exciting multiplayer battles.

Bowmasters boast of animated 2D graphics with minimal requirements for an Android device. The unique styling of the character models and environment makes the game very attractive. Sound effects allow you to immerse yourself in the world of struggle and combat fully. Blood splashes, sounds of combat, lightning, sparks and flames – the game sufficiently presents all this for experience.

We bring to your attention a modification for unlimited money. Now, you can unlock various characters, as well as buy clothes and interesting skins. Therefore, you won’t longer have problems with mining resources in Bowmasters.

We tested Bowmasters on our Android devices. Based on the results, we can tell you for sure that the mod for unlimited money works great, it is also absolutely safe. Simply download the modified version of the game to your device to take advantage of its benefits and enjoy.

All gameplay in Bowmasters comes down to shootouts. The battles take place systematically. No one rushes the player. You have the opportunity to carefully aim in order to hit the enemy. Each round begins with the fact that you see deployment points of both your hero and your opponent. There is only one task within the gameplay – to destroy your enemy. Receive additional coins for hitting the head. The health indicators of your hero, as well as of the enemy, are easy to notice at the very top, next to the characters thumbnails.

Distance to your opponent is marked with a small circle on the game screen. In order to shoot or throw a weapon, you just need to pull the string aside with your finger. You will immediately see the flight path, angle, as well as the force of the shot. Nearby, there is trajectory of the previous shot, so that it would be easier for the player to navigate in space. The pulling force affects how far the arrow will fly, but the angle affects the trajectory. Note that there may be hills, platforms and covers on the map. Sometimes you have to shoot from a canopy, or mark below your location.

The game is replete with many funny moments and animations. Therefore, after hitting the player with an arrow – or something thrown instead of an arrow – it remains to stick out of the character. In addition, bloody ribs are often visible. Increase armor strength by acquiring new types to prevent your character from becoming a victim of a stronger opponent. You can purchase another hero for levels with increased difficulty, whose combat characteristics can better suit the battle conditions.

Bowmasters is great entertainment that can pull you in for hours. Funny animation and sophisticated physics are the main advantages of this game. Playing becomes even more interesting with the help of unlimited money feature.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Bowmasters before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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