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Brain Go 2 is a unique puzzle quiz that invites you to plunge into the process of solving a huge number of puzzles. The first part of the franchise turned out to be quite popular and the developers decided to build on their success. Project represents a sequence of separate tasks not connected in any way by the plot. Here you will not find any difficulty levels, or pumping any skills, or anything else. The tasks are varied. Sometimes you need to find a hidden object at a location, sometimes solve an example by moving one match and sometimes you have to play paper scissors with a girl to strip. A distinctive feature of puzzles is that you do not need to know complex formulas or scientific terms that are available only to erudite people. If you are interested in similar projects, then download also Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles and Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories.

After resounding success of the first part, the developers decided to release a sequel to the project. We figured out what came of it.

Brain Go 2 can surprise you with a measured and interesting gameplay. You will not feel any pressure during completing the sequence of levels,. There are no limits in time, number of attempts, energy or anything else. Each stage has a clear task, which is not always worth taking literally. Very often, the solution to the level is in the text of the task itself, so be sure to pay attention to this detail. Keep in mind that you can interact not only with the objects presented on the playing field, but also with menu buttons, task text and other small elements on the screen. Although the solutions here require a certain logic in your actions, you often just need to guess what the author of the problem had in mind.

What do you know about non-standard tasks? Probably, everyone in childhood tried to pin up a friend with such tricky questions. For example, were you able to decide how many steps it takes to put an elephant in the refrigerator? If you have always liked such tasks, then this application will suit you just fine. Each level in Brain Go 2 invites players to show their wits, tickle brains and try to think outside the box. The developers give advice before starting the walk – “The obvious answer is almost always wrong”, and it really is.

Brain Go 2 requires getting the correct answer by manipulating objects on the screen in every possible way. For example, in order to complete the task with light it is not at all necessary to play with matches. It is enough just to connect the wires to the lamp and then click on it. You can move, swap, shake and remove from the field all objects, including the inscription with the task text, if required for its completion. If you find it difficult to advance further, use the hints. However, spend them sparingly, because its number is limited. Alternatively, you can skip a level you don’t like. All this requires gold coins, which you can earn during the levels.

Brain Go 2 offers very simple graphics with minimal attention to object detail and animation. The picture resembles a child’s drawing, which at the same time creates an appropriate atmosphere for immersion in the gameplay and reduces project requirements to the device.

Projects so difficult to complete cannot do without the presence of hint mechanics in them. You can easily activate a special light bulb, which will prompt you on the right thought or directly describe the algorithm of actions. If you want to replenish your supply of light bulbs or skip a level, then you need to watch a few commercials. All this takes too much time and is very boring. Therefore, we offer to download a mod for Brain Go 2, with all ads cut out. At the same time, you will be able to receive bonuses for using hints.

Based on the results of testing the game, we confirm mod functionality. Now there are no more ads in Brain Go 2. Nevertheless, you still can get bonus coins as if for watching videos. In order to access the mod, you need to install the application following our extremely simple instructions.

As such, there is simply no definite linear prehistory of the gameplay. It is not a quest with main character, who tries to solve all the problems for the sake of a lofty goal. Here the player enjoys the process and not the achievement of specific mission. At the same time, absence of a narrative does not worsen external perception of the project. On the contrary, any story or narration about a certain hero in such an application would look inappropriate. The main game mode here is a linear chain of tasks, in each of which a special task awaits you.

The list of levels periodically gets updates. Therefore, if you have completely overcome the project, sometimes return to it for new experiences. The levels themselves also stand out for their variety. Sometimes you need to use a clothes scanner and find a gem under a girl’s dress. Otherwise, you have to save a person from suicide. In general, the range of tasks is almost unlimited.

Brain Go 2 is a great puzzle game with exciting tasks, non-standard solutions and a sense of humor from the developers. If you like this genre, then be sure to download the game to your device.

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