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Brain Out is an addictive puzzle game where you solve many logic problems, which solution can be completely unpredictable. This game is notable for non-standard tasks, to solve them you have to use all your logical thinking, but it may not help either. In this case, look for non-obvious ways – and you will definitely succeed. Your main task is to solve puzzles and go further through the levels. This game is for those who like to use their brains. All levels designed to make your brain think outside the box, and this requires maximum concentration on the gameplay in general.

Brain Out can help you to develop your logic, memory and creativity. Some levels are simple, while others need to be completed, making absurd decisions sometimes. Moreover, after long deliberation, you can start doing any actions at random and often it helps! If you like logical games, we recommend you to try Art of War: Legions.

Now we will tell you about the main features of the most original game of this year.

As already mentioned, the main feature of Brain Out is the non-standard nature of its riddles. If you need to choose the largest campfire out of four presented in a level, and one of them is really larger than the rest, this does not mean that this is the correct answer. Perhaps you need to look for a non-obvious solution that doesn’t come to mind on the first try. At the same time, the developers are not devoid of humor, some tasks turned out to be rather funny. Nevertheless, this feature of the gameplay brought the project immense popularity, because the number of game installs on Google play has already exceeded one hundred million.

Get ready to train your brains seriously – after all, 221 furious levels await you in Brain Out. The game is full of riddles – sometimes it seems that the correct answer is not at all among the options offered, but suddenly you find a completely unobvious way out of the situation. You always need to connect your brain and guess how to answer correctly. Sometimes, in order to complete a level, you need to rearrange something or connect several fingers at once. Although initially it seems that such an opportunity is simply not provided at the level.

In addition to the main levels, Brain Out has challenges dedicated to a specific topic. There are three of them in the game now. These are jailbreak, looking for Santa and defeat them all. In the first two, the concept doesn’t change much – you have to look for solutions to complete the tasks. For example, you need to neutralize the guard who is guarding the door in your room. You can try to kill him with a hammer, but the right decision is to give him a bribe, then he will release you himself. In “Defeat Them All», the scheme is different, here the player is required to observe timing in order to hit the very heart of the beauty with Cupid’s arrow or, for example, cut a watermelon at the right time to get several equal-sized pieces.

Brain Out is made in the spirit of a children’s book, as if each drawing was done by a child or for children. This style is very convenient for the user – it is simple, direct and at the same time interesting. A game with such a style can attract not only an adult, but also a child, so we can recommend it to absolutely everyone.

Brain Out offers colorful graphics to users, very similar to children’s drawings of good quality. Since the game communicates with gamers through drawings transmitting tasks, the picture simply could not be bad. You can hear pleasant soundtracks during the game. Moreover, a characteristic melody plays every time when you complete the task. In addition, if you do wrong, vibration turns on, but you can disable this function in the settings if it interferes.

Brain Out is a free game, but hints are of great importance in it, which are very few in the free version, and they are often simply necessary. If you are at a dead end, you can use the hint by spending one key, or skip the level for two keys. You cannot use them often in the regular version, so it is necessary to watch a lot of ads to replenish the stock of tips. By the way, there are really a lot of ads in the original game. However, you have the option to download a modified version of Brain Out and enjoy a wonderful ad-free experience as well as get an infinite number of keys.

We have tested the unlimited hints mod for you. Based on the verification results, we assure you that the modified version is safe and works properly. Just download and install it on your device to receive a version without ads and with unlimited number of keys.

If you do not know how to complete the level, then use the hint, which costs one key. Sometimes, even with the help of a hint, it is not clear what to do next. In this case, the function of skipping the level comes to your aid, which already costs two keys. However, with their unlimited number it won’t be a problem for you. It is worth noting that skipped levels considered as completed, so if you are a perfectionist, then you probably want to come back and solve all the puzzles.

Brain Out is one of those projects that is not only fun but also rewarding to play. Something simple can be very difficult, and complex suddenly turns out to be extremely easy. Everyone can discover something new in this game as it’s made in a little childish style, but can tighten even an adult.

Brain Out is an unusual puzzle game where you need logic, attentiveness, creativity, an analytical mindset and at the same time non-standard brains. If you love to train your brains and are also a fan of colorful games with humor, then you’ve come to the right place.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Brain Out before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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