Bubbu Restaurant Mod APK (Unlocked) 1.24

Bubbu Restaurant is a casual game for Android devices from Bubadu developers. A little cat named Bubbu has opened his own restaurant and now needs your help in running it! Many different funny and cute animals are already waiting to visit your place! Complete levels and tasks to open up new opportunities for development and make a profit. By the way, if you need games for the little ones, then our team can offer Baby Manor and Bubbu School – My Cute Animals.

Develop the skills of managing in Bubbu Restaurant and help the protagonist to feed all guests and make a profit.

As we know, customers visit restaurants to eat tasty dishes. Your visitors are the same kind and cute animals like Bubbu. Be ready to host them, and learn how to prepare healthy and wholesome food. In this game, you can cook absolutely everything that you love in real life. After all, there are several types of cuisine. Cook dishes from Mexican, Japanese, Italian and many others cuisines. Serve drinks with meals and earn as much money as possible for customer service.

Don’t think that cooking is boring! Explore many different recipes and cook more dishes to become a global chef and bring the restaurant to fame and profits. Cooking is fun, as the game offers a variety of options for cooking essentially ordinary meals. Show all your creativity and imagination in Bubbu Restaurant! Decorate your meals the way you want. Many dishes of different flavors are already waiting for you! Surprise your guests with exquisite culinary masterpieces and take all their money! Delicious food makes a profit for the restaurant. Do everything to make your visitors return one more time.

As already stated above, preparing delicious and unusual dishes for restaurant guests brings good money. How can you spend it? Discover new recipes and dishes to earn more! You can also develop your restaurant and make it not only delicious, but also stylish one. Plenty of possibilities to decorate your place can pleasantly surprise you and Bubba! Delicious snacks and drinks for guests can become an excellent addition to the restaurant interior. Unlock new opportunities and items as you progress through Bubbu Restaurant levels and complete many different tasks.

Bubbu Restaurant comes down to completing levels, during which you acquire new skills and abilities to develop culinary abilities. Levels are an excellent opportunity to train and gradually complicate the process. Learn new recipes and become an excellent chef. During the levels, you can discover recipes, cuisines and dishes in order to surprise your guests with new delicious appetizers and side dishes. However, cooking time has limits, as your guests don’t like to wait, so practice so as not to disappoint them. Make your restaurant the best in the whole city and even the world! Surprise all animals with delicious food and a pleasant comfort atmosphere.

Cute 2D graphics can pleasantly surprise anyone, no matter an adult or a child. Many different characters and heroes cannot but touch almost every gamer. Bubbu Restaurant is very colorful. It exudes positive emotions and a feeling of comfort so that you want to stay more in this restaurant. The sound effects are excellent as its use accompanies the game harmoniously and doesn’t distract much from gameplay process.

Use our mod for Bubbu Restaurant to manage this cute restaurant better, as it opens up many amazing opportunities to improve your place. Unlocked everything gives you the opportunity not to think about money to open something faster and enjoy the gameplay fully.

We confirm that you can immediately discover all ingredients and types of dishes after installing unlocked mod. This way, you don’t have to go through the game for a long time to unlock some original and delicious food. Install the game following our instructions and get access to fully unlocked gameplay. Enjoy the game that is completely safe for your device.

The gameplay of Bubbu Restaurant is quite straightforward and simple. Just fulfill the orders of your customers and discover new and delicious dishes. Moreover, you can complete the training to understand all aspects before starting your adventure. Play the role of an assistant to Bubbu, who cannot manage the restaurant alone. Your task is to feed its guests with many different dishes and drinks in order to earn money and open up new opportunities and items for restaurant development.

Bubbu Restaurant is a cute and enjoyable casual game where you have to become the best restaurant manager to make it popular throughout the city! Cook, discover new recipes, feed your guests and upgrade your restaurant. All this is possible here! Use our solution to get rare items and don’t worry about anything.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Bubbu Restaurant before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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