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Bubbu School – My Cute Pets is an educational and entertaining game for children 3+ years old. The user finds himself in an educational institution for cute animals. Together with beautiful and funny friends, player completes various tasks in such educational subjects as arithmetic, physical education, music and painting. Each lesson is in the form of small games that carry a specific goal. In addition to classes and lessons, animal pupils visit cafeteria so as not to stay hungry. Here the gamer also has to cook delicious, nutritious and healthy food. If you are looking for games for kids, we recommend you to check out Dog Town and educational LEGO Tower.

Find out about the main features of this cute game from our review.

See the specifics of the learning process in educational institutions from a completely different perspective. Bubbu School user takes control of cute animals and works with them on organizing fun school activities. You have the opportunity to show your creative talents in the company of adorable animals. Draw a beautiful picture in a painting lesson and or sing a song in a music lesson. You even can improve body in a physical education lesson.

Young players have the opportunity to acquire different skills. Study geometric shapes, understand the basics of arithmetic, reading, writing and even learn basic simple words in English in a fun way. They can do it all in the circle of your dear friends. The developers have prepared bright and high-quality graphics, a large number of educational mini-games and exciting puzzles. In Bubbu School – My Cute Pets child also learns the rules of safe crossing of road and manners of decent behavior.

Bubbu School – My Cute Pets provides every user with the opportunity to use it without the presence of the Internet. In addition, the game doesn’t require constant attention and presence in it. The game is educational, but meanwhile it does not develop the child’s habit to keep the phone always nearby and play it constantly.

Bubbu School has colorful and high-quality graphics and a loud, unobtrusive sound. You can turn it off in the settings if desired.

Although Bubbu School – My Cute Pets is educational, there is also something to improve here. However, the developers both didn’t foresee this and made such conditions on purpose to make the game more interesting. Our team has found a mod that can fix situation. We provide you with opportunity to get all content unlocked free and disable intrusive ads. Moreover, we also offer an option for unlimited money required for various purposes in the game.

Based on the results of our test, we can assure you that the mod for Bubbu School works according to all criteria. You can get unlimited money in your account after the first launch of the game. You can spend your riches buying whatever you want. At the same time, all the content in the game unlocks immediately. Therefore, you don’t have to level up to select a specific piece of furniture or buy a new skin for your hero. In addition, the game is completely free of ads, although you can enable advertisement option in the settings.

The gameplay in Bubbu School – My Cute Pets is quite addicting. The user finds a large number of exciting activities: art, singing, arithmetic and English. Dress up your pets and go to class. Players draw pictures using colored pencils in art classes. Moreover, you can improve the picture with stickers. Singing and music lessons allows a young user to play a variety of musical instruments and even give concerts!

During physical education classes, the player participates in sports relay races and performs various exercises in the fresh air. While on mathematics, you can learn the basics of counting and geometric shapes. The English lessons in the game designed specifically for preschool children. School cafeteria provides yoi with opportunity to prepare sandwiches, delicious and colorful salads or serve, like a waiter, cakes for someone’s birthday. In order to learn road rules you can play mini-games on this topic.

Bubbu School – My Cute Pets is a fun and educational project that provides excellent preparation before school and brings many useful skills and knowledge. The game doesn’t require attention and constant presence in it. Moreover, due to high-quality graphics and incredibly cute animated characters it won’t leave  any child indifferent.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. If you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Bubbu School – My Cute Pets before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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