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Cafeland – World Kitchen is a mobile business simulator developed and presented by GAMEGOS where users can build the cafe of their dreams. You have to try to turn a squalid, dirty and small establishment into a real leader in the world of restaurant business. Just try to organize a cafe with 5-star service. At first you have to do everything yourself, but over time, you can hire additional staff.

Your main task is to develop your cafe, creating a design for it and preparing the most delicious dishes. Start from scratch and become a world-class restaurant owner. Try your hand at being a cafe owner. Prepare fresh coffee and delicious meals for your customers. Unlock new recipes and surprise people with your culinary masterpieces, decorate the facade and decoration of the building so that as many people as possible come to you. Make your business to bring you more money. Become a real businessperson in Cafeland – World Kitchen.

Below we will tell you about the main features of the game.

Cafeland – World Kitchen has a variety of delicious recipes that are fun and exciting to cook. Start simple by making an omelet or brewing aromatic coffee, and end with real works of culinary art. You have to mix and add the ingredients correctly, and make sure that the food does not burn on the stove or go bad outside the refrigerator. Unlock all new recipes and go from simple to complex. By the way, if you love cooking games, then we recommend Cooking Voyage.

Cafeland – World Kitchen offers the player a variety of options for decorating the restaurant. You can choose exactly how your restaurant will look, choose colors, design features and more. You can independently rebuild it, change the interior style and specialize in a particular cuisine, so that you can spend hours by playing. Try building a beach-themed café, for example, and then build a solid restaurant with exclusive cuisine. The game doesn’t limit you in any way in using the available mechanics, therefore it resembles a sandbox with a business bias. For those of you who love design, we advise you to download and install Home Design Makeover.

The gameplay in Cafeland – World Kitchen implies many options for the development of events and captivates the player with its focus on the restaurant development. Simulator combines elements of cooking and designer simulator. The more you develop your establishment, the more interesting it is to play. The entire gameplay takes place within one screen. Interface here is quite informative, you can easily figure out the functionality.

To add even more variety to the gameplay and add excitement, the developers have introduced a special league of chefs into the game, where everyone can boast of establishment and become the leader of virtual leaderboard. Compete with other players and fight for the championship in the league. The better your establishment performs, the higher your ranking positions.

Cafeland – World Kitchen has colorful and vibrant cartoon graphics that can definitely attract the attention of the audience, even if we are talking about the smallest gamers. There are not many visual effects, as the game uses simple graphics engine. That’s why the game works great even on not powerful devices. During the game, you can enjoy pleasant music, as well as fun sound effects that notify you when a meal is being prepared or you get another level.

Cafeland – World Kitchen is free to play, but you can make all improvements and in-app purchases with coins, which are constantly in short supply. However, now this problem no longer exists, because you can download a modified game version and get access to unlimited coins. When you buy something, the money in your account will only increase, not decrease. In fact, you have unlimited coins at your disposal.

Our team tested Cafeland – World Kitchen on our Android gadgets. We guarantee you the correct and safe operation of mod for unlimited coins. Just install the game on your device. You don’t need to take any other actions for turning on its features.

The game doesn’t have a linear narrative, as well as an analogue of a single-player campaign. Only the gamer decides how to develop his establishment. The main character gets under control a small cafe with one table and a pair of stoves. Use this cafe to start building your own establishment. Sometimes you can get hints on how to organize the workflow, but you should not rely on a full story within the gameplay. However, the game only benefited from this. The ability to develop non-linearly and outside of templates allows the gamer to create a truly unique restaurant, furnishing everything the way he wants.

The gameplay in Cafeland – World Kitchen is reminiscent of the classic sandbox. It introduces you to the basic functions and give some tips. Then the user has complete freedom of action. Your first couple of tasks is to serve your visitors. Each of them, when entering your cafe, shows what he would like to order. Click on the plate to select the appropriate dish. In addition to the preparation that the chef makes, a certain time should pass until the order is ready. Then you need to hand it over to the waiter, clean the stove and only then move on to the next client.

A smiley face above demonstrates the mood of the visitor. The faster you serve the queue, the better people give you feedback on your establishment.

Cafeland – World Kitchen is a great business simulator with a simple and intuitive interface. The game makes you feel like a real chef. Develop your restaurant as you want, change the design and concept of the establishment at your discretion and become a leader in this business.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Cafeland — World Kitchen before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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