Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK (Money/Unlocked) 4.7.8

Car Parking Multiplayer is a car parking simulator with free driving mode. Your main task is to properly park your car, complete tasks and compete in multiplayer. Thanks to the ability to choose a car of almost any class, you do not have to do the same for a long time. Driving a huge truck is much more difficult than a sports sedan. By completing various quests, you can earn money for a new car and discover another era of gameplay. In addition, the project provides the ability to conduct an online session. You can compete with other players in a rally or drift competition, explore the game world together, swap cars or just ride while enjoying the beautiful open world. Check out other cool racing games like Parking Jam 3D and Need for Speed ​​No Limits.

Car Parking Multiplayer for Android is a parking simulator, but it is not limited to this. The game also has the competitive spirit of street racing and the alluring freedom of GTA-like open world games. Thanks to this, the game gained immense popularity.

The main campaign of Car Parking Multiplayer invites you to test yourself in the art of parking in a wide variety of places – street, underground parking, marina, McDonald’s and many others. Now, the game features 82 real parking spaces. With each new level, the difficulty becomes higher. At the same time, the game offers its users 100 cars with a detailed elaborate interior from the simplest smart or pickup to racing cars, trucks and tractors. In addition, you can upgrade each vehicle to improve engine, gearbox, exhaust system, suspension, tires and more.

Car Parking Multiplayer takes place in different parts of the seamless game world, with locations such as city, highway, desert, racetrack and mountains. The beautifully detailed landscapes keep you entertained, while the entire driving process is smooth and natural. You can safely leave one parking lot, slowly cover several kilometers and park in another place. Therefore, players can enjoy not only the game world, but also complete quests along the way. By the way, you don’t have to get around by car, you can easily get out and walk around the city.

Multiplayer is perhaps the main highlight of Car Parking Multiplayer. Indeed, the user has the most freedom of action in this mode. You can arrange exciting races or exchange cars with other players. Alternatively, you can just walk and explore the city. You can steal another player’s car, who carelessly left it unlocked. However, remember that leaving your car open may lead to vehicle loss, as well as the police keeping a close eye on offenders. Due to the popularity of Car Parking Multiplayer, there are always many people on the game servers, so you definitely won’t be bored.

Car Parking Multiplayer has realistic 3D graphics. The game perfectly conveys the feeling of driving a car. Cars don’t just look like cardboard boxes. In-game sounds are also authentic and high quality. Car simulator perfectly conveys the feeling of driving, immersing the user in a virtual analogue of a real car.

We bring to your attention a mega mod for Car Parking Multiplayer. Let’s start with the fact that after installing it, you can get unlimited money. However, these are not all possibilities. We also offer unlocked paid content in the form of all characters, houses, horns, a police siren and a cool W16 engine. Our solution also allows you to play with no ads.  

Our team has tested a Car Parking Multiplayer for the convenience of website visitors. We assure you that mod works great and it is safe. All the possibilities stated above are actually available. We have tested installation file with antivirus programs and confirm that it’ ready to use. If you suddenly have any difficulties during installation, then carefully read our detailed instructions below.

Important! Change the language in the app settings to access all vehicles.

The atmosphere of authenticity in the game depends on physics of movement, subtleties of vehicle controls and all sorts of details. There is no problem with this in Car Parking Multiplayer. Controls here are not difficult if you compare the project with analogues, but at the same time, quite realistic. The game has two driving modes – free with the ability to choose a location and a parking simulator. By completing tasks in a second mode, you can earn money to buy a car.

Let’s summarize briefly. Car Parking Multiplayer allows you to use a huge fleet of vehicles, which includes both trucks and cars. Play in two completely different riding modes both online and offline with no advertising. The game also provides with convenient controls and excellent graphics. It is somewhat reminiscent of the GTA series. Enjoy freedom, a desire to explore the world around, communication with living people and endless drive!

If you are ready for exciting adventures and competitions with other players, then welcome to Car Parking Multiplayer.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Car Parking Multiplayer before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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