CarX Highway Racing Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.72.1

CarX Highway Racing is a mobile arcade racing game with very simple controls, different modes and a huge fleet of vehicles. The project differs from analogues in the same genre in a much longer duration of races, as well as the ability to chase street racers as a police officer. Moreover, game has a story campaign with a coherent story and interesting presentation. If you get tired of the plot, you can try to participate in the race for survival, or win all the cups for each of your cars. The app is very beginner friendly and intuitive. Thanks to simple management and localization into several languages, you won’t have problems to understand project’s functionality and gameplay features. We encourage all our users to also check out Beach Buggy Racing and Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted.

Read on and find out all the tricks and secrets of CarX Highway Racing.

The gameplay of CarX Highway Racing consists of several components. Spend most of your playing time in storyline campaign, which allows you to reveal yourself as the best racer. Here you can gradually leave behind the most famous racers, developing and discovering new cars and improvements. The campaign is the easiest mode. It allows you to earn a decent amount of in-game currency, acquire cars of various classes and learn controls. As you progress through the campaign, you also unlock access to other modes. Participate in sprints, where speed and the ability to maneuver in traffic conditions are important. In addition, you can race in time trial, where it is important to be able to allocate time. Classic ring races provide you with an opportunity to drive several laps to win and so on. Moreover, all tracks are located in different countries such as the USA, Australia, France and Russia.

The essence of CarX Highway Racing is to unlock all cars, complete challenges and a career. All vehicles have no license and manufacturer’s badge. At the same time, all cars are well recognizable, so determining the model is not difficult. Buying a car is not so difficult, but its improvement takes you a lot of time and effort. Moreover, you don’t only need to buy the desired part, but also make it. It takes an impressive amount of real time to make a part. It is also noteworthy that the production of a high-level part takes even more time. Currency and cases with parts in CarX Highway Racing can be purchased for real and play money, which greatly simplifies your gameplay.

The sophisticated physics allow you to experience all the power and strength of supercars. In addition, your car has a model of damage and can wrinkle a lot if you drive inaccurately. This, in turn, already affects its speed. Buy different parts and upgrade your car to change its behavior on the road. Add a few horsepower and get even faster, while trying not to lose traction so as not to fly off the track. We can safely say that CarX Highway Racing is one of the best racing games in terms of physics for Android.

A distinctive feature of CarX Highway Racing is its modern graphics, which makes the whole gameplay quite realistic. 3D environment with realistic car details allows you to enjoy the process fully. The picture quality in the game is very high. Moreover, the motor roar or the police siren howl can completely immerse you into the game.

Our team invites you to familiarize yourself with unlimited money mod. With its help, your gameplay in CarX Highway Racing can become not only easier, but also more varied.

Based on the test results, we confirm the functionality and operation of mod for unlimited money. After installing the game, you can immediately receive almost infinite amount of game currency on your account that you can spend at your discretion. If you have any questions about installation, then please carefully read the instructions we have prepared at the end of the article.

CarX Highway Racing is a typical arcade racing game with simplified driving to please the public. You don’t have to rotate the device, press the pedals in form of virtual keys and change gears. Acceleration in the game occurs automatically. Moreover, in order to turn in a certain direction, it is enough to touch the left or right screen side. You can find the buttons for activating nitrous oxide and braking at the bottom. That’s the whole gameplay control mechanism.

We should note that nitro replenishes as you progress through the race. Just drive as close to other cars as possible, stay behind the leader and drive into the oncoming lane. The good news is that each type of car has its own control nuances. In addition, cars differ in the engine sound.

In addition to the usual modes, the developers have provided additional ones. For example, you can drive a police car, catching illegal racers. The games provides players with access to special tests, which set is unique for each car in your garage. We should also mention the online mode, during which you can compete with shadow of another player in order to break his record on specified track. Each of CarX Highway Racing modes can give you the especial drive.

CarX Highway Racing can definitely keep you busy for hours, maybe days. This is a high-quality and dynamic arcade game with interesting and unique features.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Delete the original version of CarX Highway Racing before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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