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Chapters: Interactive Stories is an interesting and addictive story simulator in which you can feel like the main character of each chapter and control its plot yourself. Sometimes it is important to be distracted from reality and give free rein to your imagination. Chapters allow you to move into virtual reality, create your own story of love, friendship, and get used to the role of the main character. Create your own storyline and develop events the way you want it.

Each story is like a book – with its own story and genre: romance, thriller, drama, fantasy or comedy. Chapters allow you to find a book for every taste and age. It’s time to make your choice and make the most important decision in the fate of the protagonist. Choose carefully, because every decision you make will affect the development of the plot.

Find out the main features of this wonderful interactive game.

Chapters: Interactive Stories allows you to read a fascinating story and influence the plot, from time to time choosing the actions of your main character. This game is somewhat reminiscent of an interactive quest, only there are much more options for choice. It depends only on you what kind of ending your story will have and whether its heroes can find happiness.

There are many options, but you need to carefully delve into the plot and put yourself in the shoes of the main characters in order to make the best decision. On the other hand, there are no right and wrong actions, because in Chapters, as in life, not everything always ends with a happy ending.

Chapters: Interactive Stories has tons of exciting and unique stories for you to choose. There are both love themes and mystical riddles. Traditional dramas and even thrillers have not gone anywhere either. For example, one of the stories tells about the acquaintance of a girl with a very rich man from New York, who leads the life of a bachelor and egoist and only a loving heart can melt the ice in his soul.

Another story is about a vampire saga, where you play the role of a matchmaker and try to bring two vampires together and not fall under their witchcraft spells. Well, if you love adventure, then play as the Robin Hood of our time, who takes money from the rich and gives it to the poor. Here you need to avoid falling into the hands of justice, using your intuition and analytical mind. In general, in Chapters: Interactive Stories absolutely everyone can find something interesting for themselves. If you suddenly thought that this game was only about love stories, then you were wrong.

Before the start of each story, you have the opportunity to choose a name for your character, as well as customize his appearance, from the hairstyle to the clothes. This allows you to immerse yourself even more in the atmosphere of the game like in Alto’s Adventure. Feel involved in the storytelling process, since other characters can call you by your real name. Thus, you can become an integral part of the story, while only you can control it.

Each choice you can make only once, do not forget about this and think about your answers and decisions made in Chapters: Interactive Stories. Choose with your heart, but at the same time consider the consequences. The first playthrough is always the most interesting and unforgettable, so we advise you not to peep at the manuals so as not to spoil your impression of the first reading of the story.

Thanks to high-quality graphics, developers executed and well-drawn all the characters in Chapters: Interactive Stories. There are both photographic illustrations and anime motifs. It all depends on your chosen story. In addition, during the game you can hear by pleasant soundtracks – each story has its certain music.

Chapters: Interactive Stories also has play money and crystals. You need them to unlock additional unique answers in dialogues and open new chapters. There is always not enough money in original version, but you can download the modified version and get unlimited amount diamonds for premium choices on your account to use them in time. At the expense of money, you can open new exciting chapters and live new stories with the heroes. Another plus of diamonds is buying beautiful outfits for your hero.

We played Chapters: Interactive Stories to come up with a verdict for our website users. Based on the results, we confirm that mod for unlimited money works well. Just download the modified version and enjoy unlimited diamonds. Please note that after the start of a new chapter, you may not need money immediately, but after some time of gameplay. Nevertheless, don’t worry – you can use them at the right time.

In general, literally every story has its own flavor and catchy. It captures literally everything: an interesting and unpredictable plot, large-scale battles, intrigues and plot branching, ability to strike up an affair with the characters you like and not necessarily of the opposite sex. The characters themselves are also interesting and different from each other. Chapters: Interactive Stories allow you to meet both ordinary people and pirates, spirits, gods, historical figures, vampires and fantasy heroes.

This is not to say that one of the stories is stronger or weaker, each has its own features, its pros and cons, original solutions, plot moves and charismatic heroes. As a result, you seem to be reading a novel, but you can influence its plot, although it remains unpredictable, which makes it even more interesting.

Each story is quite lengthy. At the same time, all passed chapters you can always replay if you don’t like your ending or just want to find out all the possibilities that game offers you. The developers are constantly updating the game, so check back often for updates and you will surely find new content for yourself.

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a rather unique game of its kind for Android devices. Here everyone is able find a story to their liking to appreciate its true worth, choosing one or another scenario for the plot development. This project will especially appeal to girls, although there are completely different genres of narration here, so boys can find a lot of interesting things for themselves. We definitely recommend.

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Don’t forget to delete the original version of Chapters: Interactive Stories before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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