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Choices: Stories You Play is an interactive single-player game in English, which is a library of exciting author’s stories, where the player plays the role of the main character. It is your decisions that, in most cases, determine the development of events and the ending of each story. Explore and manage unique stories in the game: fall in love, solve mysteries and even rule a kingdom in a large number of game stories, the action of which will unfold before your eyes.

Now a few words about why everyone likes this game so much.

Often, when reading a book, you get to know the main characters after the fact. You know their past, appearance, preferences, and so on. The developers of Choices: Stories You Play took a different path. They invited gamers to choose the appearance of the hero and secondary characters for maximum immersion in game atmosphere. Choose hairstyles, race, costumes, and even a name. Create your character from scratch and don’t forget to choose the perfect love interest for him.

The main focus of Choices: Stories You Play is on romantic stories, which are presented here in sufficient numbers. In general, the plot moves from one book to another, only the locations in the background change. However, in addition to romance books, there are adventure, detective, mystical and even horror books. Just open the library section, choose your favorite genre and start an exciting game.

Each game story is broken up into chapters that add up to dozens of game stories, and while most of them don’t completely distract the plot, they change the way characters or situations play out in the future, giving your choices some weight to complete the story. However, some options are more minor and can only affect how the current situation develops, without lasting impact on the story as a whole (for example, the choice of clothes).

The main emphasis of the game is on its textual component, and as such, there is no graphics here. The developers made Choices: Stories You Play in the comic format, where there are no colorful pictures, explosions or monsters. They just play out a classic soap opera story for you, asking you to choose the correct answer over and over again according to the principle “Who wants to be a millionaire”. The only dynamic aspect of the game is the choice of outfits also without animation. On the other hand, the emphasis on reading the plot allows you to close your eyes to the lack of a graphical component, and, thereby, reduce the load on your device.

With regard to the sound component, everything is the same. No stories have a full-fledged voice acting, so you won’t understand the story without reading. True, third party sounds and melodies allow you to immerse yourself in a romantic atmosphere, which is undoubtedly a great advantage.

Choices: Stories You Play is completely free, however, as in any games the developers have added microtransaction system to unleash the stories potential to the maximum. An example is the situation with the first date of the main characters. A free choice allows you to go either for a walk or in a cafe, while premium option provides an opportunity to send you on a romantic trip on a yacht, which will direct the course of history in a completely new direction.

You need diamonds to obtain these premium choices. In general, the game has two game currencies: keys and diamonds.

Usually, we need 1 key to complete one chapter of the book. Keys renew automatically: one key appears after 3 hours. Maximum number of keys is 2. Thus, for 1 cycle of continuous play, we can spend a maximum of two keys and go through two chapters. Whereas diamonds are needed for a special choice during the game passage. However, you won’t always have enough to make a premium choice. They are given out for free in small quantities after the end of the chapters, but in order to make the desired choice, most likely you have to go through the same book several times to collect the required number of diamonds.

That is why we suggest you download our unlimited diamonds feature for Choices: Stories You Play, which allows you to choose paid solutions and develop the story in unpredictable way. We personally tested the modified game version and guarantee that everything works flawlessly. Initially, 45 diamonds are available to you, and this amount won’t decrease regardless of your game choice. Just download and install our mod, you don’t need to do anything else.

Choices: Stories You Play gameplay itself has some basic points. Select the book you want to start playing (no matter how strange it may sound – play the book). You can play several books at the same time, just when you enter the game you choose what for you will spend the key.

At the beginning of a new book, you need to choose the face, hairstyle and clothing (sometimes gender) of our new character. Players can change clothes and hairstyle during the game by clicking on the hanger icon in the lower right corner of the game. Our and other characters have several facial expressions: calm, smiling, scared and angry. It changes automatically depending on the situation.

Sometimes we can also choose the name and appearance of other characters, for example, who will be our LI, i.e. Love Interest – character with whom we have romantic feelings. Almost every game has several characters who show sympathy for you. For a while you can flirt with everyone, but eventually you have to make a choice.

Choices: Stories You Play takes the gaming genre to the next level, effectively providing gamers with an interactive book or series in the format of a straightforward comic book game. If you are tired of the typical soap operas on television, and you have not remembered the last books for anything but unnecessary facts, then we recommend you try this game. Immerse yourself in a world of versatile adventures and determine the fate of your character yourself. By the way, if you liked in-game drawings you can try to create the same by yourself with ibis Paint X.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Choices: Stories You Play before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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