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For several years now, Clash of Clans has attracted players with its simple villages and strategic possibilities. Having created millions for Finnish publisher Supercell, it has inspired countless imitators in the Freemium game market. Despite the growing competition, Clash of Clans continues to gain users and fans thanks to its perfectly balanced gameplay, simplicity and active community of players. If you’re looking for a shareware village builder, you probably won’t find anything better.

Why the game attracts millions of players? Let’s figure it out together.

The game is very easy to learn, you just go into it and immediately understand what is what, and when all the buildings are at the fourth level, you can join a clan, or create your own and develop it. You can also fight a clan and receive good rewards, ask to send troops to help, and help your comrades yourself.

We start with a rather unremarkable piece of land, strewn with mostly useless stones and trees, and a few workers are already crowded and eagerly awaiting your first orders. A short tutorial lays out the basics (in a convenient way): a gold mine, collecting mana, known in Clash of Clans as an elixir, then you spend these resources on upgrading the main building and installing the first few defensive cannons, as well as constantly improving resource farms to consistently increase supplies.

As your village grows, it becomes possible to build new buildings that provide new ways of defense and attack. The village upgrade depends on the town hall upgrade, so it happens in steps. You collect the resources needed to improve the town hall, and then it takes some time while you rebuild the village in accordance with the opportunities that open up. As in any level game, at first everything happens quickly and easily, but it gets more complicated with each new level.

Game implements a wide range of defensive structures, ranging from cannons, archer towers, mortars and ending with infernal towers and Tesla towers. All of them, besides their own radius, also have their own purpose. The electric towers hit the tanking warriors with a coefficient of x40, the archer towers spend quivers on anyone, and air defense tower is only interested in winged beasts. By the way, the balance in Clash of Clans has good implementation, so if the towers or walls haven’t sufficient upgrades, for example, the Wizard towers upgraded to the max won’t be able to pull out the entire defense with their colossal area damage.

There are two options here, single player and online mode. In first case, you attack one of the goblin bases specially created to challenge you and help you learn the game’s tricks. As you move above the bases, it becomes more difficult to gain the upper hand, and you need to think carefully in order to still get the gold and elixir as a reward. Online mode allows you to attack a village rebuilt by another player, and you have three minutes to inflict as much damage as possible.

Indeed, the clans here are not just a flag and status under a nickname, but a full-fledged element of gameplay, which begins with the acquisition of a Clan Castle (CC) for 40k coins. This amount could seem impressive for a beginner. However, for experienced players it is mere pennies, so the global chat in Clash of Clans has tons of invitations to clans. By the way, this gact does not prevent you from creating your own clan. Depending on CC level, players can request reinforcements in the clan every 20 minutes. This action allows the use of additional forces both in defense and in attack.

The developers in terms of the technical components obviously did their best. Meet high quality detailing of units and buildings, vivid dynamic effects, superbly traced menu. All these features allow you to plunge into the game with your head. If this is not enough for you, then the epic soundtrack and funny custom sounds of various actions dubbing will definitely leave you no chance.

It’s no secret that Clash of Clans constantly hints to gamers about the opportunity to accelerate the development of their settlement by buying in-game currency for real money, which is not suitable for all gamers who are counting on a more loyal attitude towards themselves. In this case, you can use the methods to get everything completely free: crystals, gold, troops and all other resources.

There are several ways to hack the game from commonplace cheat codes to individual game clients with built-in hacking. All of them are illegal and easily detected by developers, but we will consider the option – private servers. This is the best way to improve your gaming experience and get more interesting gameplay without wasting time. The main advantage of private server mod is its locality from the official game, like you are playing on a separate server.

Each player receives free gold, elixir, crystals and all available resources, free in large quantities. Thus, all players on this server are equal. In fact, you compete with other players in the same way as in the original game version. However,  in your case you spend less time upgrading your settlement.

We have tested the Clash of Clans private server mod on our devices. The test results show that the server works without lags, which allows you to enjoy the gameplay fully. In addition, we confirm access to an unlimited number of resources, allowing you to bring the game to a new level as quickly as possible.

In fact, the whole point of playing Clash of Clans we can divide into three components. Build a settlement, erect defenses and attack neighbors. If the construction of your own base and its protection should not arise due to the numerous tips for the extraction of resources built into the gameplay, then attacking of neighboring settlements is not so simple. After all, the experience gained in such battles can help you successfully fight during clan wars.

The point of attack is to position your soldiers correctly, and then watch them deal damage. By placing, you lose control over them. Most attack the nearest target until the defense tower starts to attack them instead. Some troops have special abilities, such as exploding, damage at a distance instead of causing damage on contact. The main goal is complete destruction, after which you get the largest number of trophies, gold and elixir. If you cannot achieve complete victory, you simply return with a little loot.

Clash of Clans is one of those rare cases where, playing for 6 months, you might not even know half of the provided gameplay. However, even this is not the limit. The fact is that developers designed donation, as an integral part of any F2P. Still it only helps you to reduce the upgrade time and nothing more. All functions and capabilities are available for trial players, so there is no imbalance here.

Colorful design, solid soundtrack, unlimited gameplay, and loyal donation, what else do you need for a top real-time strategy? Just  your friends, because Clash of Clans has united the efforts of the gaming community and talented vendors. The game turned out to be the kind that fans wanted to see. If you want to play more cool games, you can also download Raziel: Dungeon Arena.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Delete the original version of Clash of Clans before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation.


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