Construction Set Mod APK (Money/No Ads) 1.2.0

Construction Set is an entertaining project where you can solve puzzles. You constantly operate with different colored blocks, creating simply incredible designs. It is necessary to apply a lot of effort and skill to form ideal buildings, exactly repeating known objects. Do not limit yourself if you want to have a good time. You will receive several needed to build a variety of structures. It is possible to build castles, landmarks, build adorable figurines and many other historical objects. At first, you only deal with simple objects, but gradually objects that are more complex open up. You will be able to design even huge multidimensional buildings after a while. We also recommend you to download Worms – Voracious Snake and Tower Craft 3D.

Construction Set has over 10 million downloads and average score is 4 points.

Children are very fond of building different structures, where only they are able to discern the meaning. Now everything is much easier, because you do not need to spend a lot of money on its purchase with a virtual constructor. It is quite an expensive pleasure, so the creators decided to make life easier for many people. Start designing unusual gadgets, trying to create real works of art. Construction Set is a nice looking and relaxing app. Experience pleasure from every second spent in this game. Just collect awesome Lego items while enjoying the resulting objects in virtual space. It is a very fun and entertaining activity, so players of all ages will be happy to join.

Build houses, repeat pictures, construct famous landmarks and just relax, rearranging blocks from place to place. This quite an exciting and intellectual activity can take up all your free time. You have at your disposal many different fragments with different characteristics. Get detailed instructions and then start to work. The gameplay of Construction Set is very relaxing and fun, which is perfect for spending your free time. In addition, the game perfectly pumps out non-standard and abstract thinking, which helps to get more benefits in real life.

With each new level in Construction Set, you have to stock up on a huge amount of parts needed to build the desired structure. At first, it is quite difficult to figure out what is required of you, but soon you will be able to find the answers. Don’t worry if something doesn’t work out the first time. Take a close look at the top right corner. It always contains a hint showing the block required at this moment. You need a lot of energy to find it among all available. After you are able to find it, it is necessary to put the element in the right place. You have more than two hundred different buildings at your disposal, differing from each other not only in history, but also in structure. You need to spend a lot of time if you want to build all of them.

Construction Set is notable for its detailed study, high-quality graphics, as well as pleasant, beautiful animations. You constantly observe everything from the first person, because it is the only way to reveal what is happening in all the details. In addition, you can hear funny music.

Construction Set has many advertisements. In addition, many bonuses become available only after watching the video. Luckily, you can download a mod that removes all ads from the game. At the same time, it is possible receive bonuses after completing levels, but you no longer have to watch ads for this.

Our team has tested the Construction Set mod to avoid any additional questions. We confirm that mod works perfectly. After installing the proposed, you will receive the game completely ad-free. However, you still can take advantage of the power-ups available in the original version only after watching commercial. All you need to do is follow simple instructions to download and install the mod.

After installing the Construction Set, you will be able to return to childhood. As soon as the first launch occurs, you will find yourself in a room with shelves, where there is nothing else. On it are various boxes containing different items. It looks a little unpleasant and asymmetrical at times, but you will work on it. To begin with, you need to change the design of the room, using the numerous tools presented for this. It will be much more beautiful and interesting if you arrange various objects on the shelves. Remember to use all sorts of combinations if you want to be successful.

Algorithm of actions at the level is approximately the following:

Construction Set turned out to be of high quality, interesting and unforgettable. Users have long wanted to take a break from heavy and bloody games, so the creators quickly came up with something easy and fun. If you loved building LEGO as a child, then you will simply be delighted after installing the application.

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