Cooking Diary Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.37.0

Cooking Diary is a fun casual project with simulation elements where you can cook delicious meals in your own kitchen at an expensive restaurant. In order for your establishment to become truly famous and popular, you have to go the hard way from a small cafe with a few employees and a meager menu. Get a huge number of functions and possibilities at your disposal. Prepare food right in front of your customers, invent new recipes and train staff for better service. Developers have prepared many gifts and tasks for users, by completing which you can receive additional prizes. Nice 2D graphics with abundance of animations and additional sound effects are waiting for you. Become a real virtuoso in your kitchen, compete with other players and destroy competitors. Check out also Idle Supermarket Tycoon simulator and casual Pixel Rush.


Immerse yourself in the thick of action and try not to go bankrupt while improving your cafe.

Start your Cooking Diary adventure with the simplest dishes, although you need to be careful here too. For example, if a client ordered a burger, first you need to fry the cutlet, then put it in the bun, give it to the visitor and then collect the money. If you make a mistake while cooking, it is necessary to send food to the trashcan and start over. At the same time, visitor is not ready to wait too long, if you do not hurry up, he can simply leave. Subsequently, you have to prepare juicy sandwiches with sauce, meat, salad and then more complex dishes according to recipes from different countries.

Profit received during the walkthrough of Cooking Diary levels allow you to improve your institution. It is worth giving preference to improving the kitchen and equipment, but it is also worth taking care of the comfort of visitors. If we talk about the hall, then here you can change furniture, install televisions and stereos, hang pictures and arrange flowerpots. Each item bought in the hall will noticeably increase guests’ tolerance for waiting for an order, which promises you a tip. Improvements to the kitchen can make your cooking as comfortable as possible. In total, list of improvements is huge, and it differs markedly in each of the restaurants available here.

Cooking Diary offers you to cook quickly, efficiently and in accordance with the wishes of your customers. This is the only option to make your business successful. Game requires only attention from user. You can interact with any object on the screen. Just click on it with your finger. Game can boast of a large number of levels, additional tasks, bonus locations and so on. At the same time, developers constantly release update packages for the project. All that is required from player is to observe time management. Take an order, follow the sequence of cooking and earn money.

Cooking Diary features undemanding cartoon-style graphics. Overall, picture does not look outdated or too primitive, but we cannot call it realistic or modern. However, thanks to this design, game can appeal to many children, although adults may also like it. Nice sound effects only complement the gameplay.

We bring to your attention a mod for Cooking Diary with unlimited money and gems.

Our team has tested Cooking Diary on our devices. We can confirm that by installing the game, you get an infinite number of coins and crystals on your account. In order to do this, you only need to pass the first training level. Money allow you to purchase new recipes, interior items and kitchen equipment. In total, installation file is safe for your gadget, as we have taken care of this.

Enjoy the interactive gameplay of Cooking Diary, which takes place in real time. Cook the most delicious dishes available right in front of your visitors. Upgrade the skills of your staff and hire new chefs to expand your list of ready-to-eat meals and recipes.

Your restaurant may become the most prestigious in the city, but for this, you have to work hard on its appearance and design. Upgrade your kitchen so employees can enjoy the latest timesaving appliances and gadgets. Moreover, do not forget about appearance of your establishment. Buy furniture and various decorations, increase the area and complete new departments.

You can play on your own or team up with other users and friends. Help each other in the development of business and restaurant. Create entire guilds, exchange experience and resources. You can also send each other daily gifts, which may contain useful recipes or items.

The concept of time management has become a favorite for those who prefer dynamic and high concentration games. If you belong to such gamers, then download Cooking Diary for Android.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Cooking Diary before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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