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Cooking Hot – Craze Restaurant Chef Cooking Games is a game for those who want to understand how the internal kitchen of catering establishments works. Gamers not only have to cook, but also look for dish ingredients, monitor their preparation and timely serving to visitors. In addition, it is necessary to develop your cafe so that it could generate income. One of the game features is the speed that increases with each level! The number of visitors is growing and all of them want to try high quality and tasty food. In other case, guests can simply leave. However, the increasing speed makes the game so exciting and dynamic! If you like to play simulations where you need to create something and fulfill orders, then our team has prepared for you PC Creator – PC Building Simulator and Bus Simulator: Ultimate.

For over the two years of its existence, Cooking Hot has received over 10 million downloads. At the same time, the game has a high rating of user ratings – 4.6 out of 5. The creators have set age limit 3+, but gamers over ten years old can play successfully and with pleasure.

Cooking Hot is a whole universe of cooking! To date, the game offers to visit five countries: France, the United States, Thailand, Germany and Spain. You need to master 120 levels of the previous one to get to the next country, However, each level has three sublevels! They differ in complexity and speed. Cooking Hot has 1800 levels, taking into account all countries and the player’s qualifications!

The game offers a large number of cooking tasks during the walkthrough. There are also general game tasks. Having completed such tasks, the gamer receives all kinds of bonuses in the form of ingredients for dishes, game money or crystals. In addition, you can complete simple well-paid tasks every day. If the player is not interested in tasks, you can limit yourself to creating unique combos that provide bonuses. There is a daily bonus for visiting Cooking Hot to stimulate the gaming interest. The more days a player enters in a row, the more valuable gifts he receives.

An amazing feature of Cooking Hot is its entire gameplay, which is addicting, but doesn’t cause an appetite, like many similar games. That is, you can play without fear of emptying the refrigerator in the late evening. At the same time, the game shows the maximum culinary diversity within one country. – Completing the country-location, the player has to work not in one restaurant, but in several, which adds dynamics and doesn’t let get bored. Another subtlety of Cooking Hot is the minimum of conversations. No long explanations and backstories, just cooking at a frantic pace!

The developers have worked on the overall design of the game, making it quite harmonious and pleasing to the eye. They carefully worked out all details and even small elements that are clearly visible. The Cooking Hot color scheme deserves special attention – everything is quite bright, colorful, but not annoying. The main graphics feature are good special effects. We should also mention the designers who worked on the game. The locations, dishes and characters look quite realistic, although the game has a cartoon style. The sound design looks no less worthy, and the music and sounds in the game complement the overall pleasant picture. The sound don’t hurt the ears a distract from the gameplay.

Cooking Hot is not just about cooking. It is also about the development of the restaurant business. As in any other business, development requires financial investments, That’s why may people consider it as the main thing a catering establishment. You cannot do without money either in this game. At each stage, you have to improve both the restaurant equipment and dishes composition by purchasing new expensive recipes and ingredients. Therefore, the player needs money, which unlimited amount is available in mod offered for download. Unlimited money feature allows you to easily overcome the levels and enjoy the game!

Based on the test results, we confirm the performance of unlimited money feature in Cooking Hot. You can get an unlimited number of coins and gems on your account right after installing the game. Therefore, you can purchase all new recipes and products for them, as well as open restaurants in other countries. The mod is safe and doesn’t slow down your device in any way.

Cooking Hot is extremely easy to operate, you just need to be careful and take the required actions in time. The gameplay is quite simple and straightforward, which makes the game accessible to people of any age, but the process requires a certain skill and reaction.

Cooking Hot is an easy, enjoyable game that helps you pass the time and get to know the culinary tastes and peculiarities of five countries around the world!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Cooking Hot before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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