Crazy Chef Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.1.52

Crazy Chef: Food Truck Restaurant Cooking Game is another arcade game about cooking. You play as a chef who needs to keep up with absolutely everything: cook and sell. Customers want to receive their order on time, so you need to hurry up. Combine all the ingredients together for a delicious meal. Cook each food separately and take care not to spoil it. Remove meat from heat on time, do not forget to pour drinks and make ice cream. The further you progress in the story, the more dishes are available for you to cook and sell so the higher the profit. If you do everything right, then very soon thousands of people will go to your establishment. We also suggest you download Cookie Run: Kingdom and Pencil Rush 3D.

Crazy Chef is very popular on the Play Market. It already has more than 10 million downloads, and its average rating is 4.6 points.

The global task in Crazy Chef is to fulfill the orders of visitors on time, preparing food at the counter. Initially, everything seems extremely simple – you have chicken legs that need to be deep-fried and a Coca-Cola machine. Customers come up to you and ask for chicken, cola or both. You need to dip the chicken in the oil, wait until tender and then serve it to the client. Be attentive! If you do not have time to remove the chicken from the boiling oil in time, it will burn out, and the client will leave unhappy. Each client also has its own waiting time, if you do not have time, he will leave without paying you. Over time, your product range expands significantly. You will be preparing multilevel dishes that require many sequential steps.

There are many nuances in preparation of Crazy Chef dishes. The same chicken has different options for serving. Each client requires an individual approach. Someone wants a ham with fries, while other needs chicken, fries, herbs and sauce. All this you need to take into account and when five people come up to you at once, it is not so easy to do it. That is why it is very important to be attentive, as well as to observe the timing strictly. Do not forget that customers cannot wait forever, and if you do not have time for something, they will go to another chef.

Many improvements to Crazy Chef allow you to serve your customers much faster. First, you can buy additional plates in order to fry more food at the same time. Initially, you have only two of them. In addition, it is necessary to make the plates more powerful – so the meat may cook much faster. The same scheme applies to products. For example, instead of the usual nondescript glass of cola, you should buy beautiful glasses. Therefore, you can sell it at a higher price. Upgrade your coffee machine, buy better ingredients for burgers or fresh juice maker. There are a huge number of various innovations and improvements in the game. Get acquainted with them along the way. Some upgrades become available only after reaching a certain level.

Crazy Chef has a completely standard cartoon graphics for this kind of game and high level of detail. Since there are many products in the application, the developers had to work hard to make each of them different from the others. In addition, you can enjoy unobtrusive music, which only contributes to immersion in the gameplay.

If you want to be successful in the game, it is necessary to make timely improvements to kitchen and purchase new types of products. Such an approach requires coins and crystals that you can earn by progressing through the levels. However, it so happens that there is not enough money for all the upgrades. That is why we offer to download a mod for unlimited money.

For many people, the job of a cook is very easy, because cooking is extremely enjoyable. However, imagine a situation when you have hundreds of guests in your hall, each of whom has made an impressive order. In this case, the pleasant creative process of making masterpieces turns into a natural race against time. After all, you need to please everyone and everyone, since the reputation and income of the restaurant depends on it. The reviewed project tells you about such problems.

Crazy Chef has over a hundred levels. You can pass each of them for three stars. In order to do this, you need to collect special bonus points for efficiency, serving customers without stopping. At the first levels, this is easy enough to do, but in the future, when you have dozens of items, it will become much more difficult. The higher the level, the more customers you need to serve.

Crazy Chef: Food Truck Restaurant Cooking Game is an interesting and colorful arcade game where you have to cook many dishes completing customer orders. The project has no age restrictions, so it is perfect for children too.

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