Cube Surfer! Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2.6.0

Cube Surfer! is an arcade game where players have to overcome incredible obstacles in the form of littered racing tracks. However, the player don’t have usual car, fashionable truck or tank. The game invites you to ride the blocks! At the same time, while driving, the player have to collect new blocks in order to increase the structure of his vehicle. This is necessary in order to overcome obstacles with different levels of height and depth. The whole gameplay looks a little strange, but it is impossible to stop! That is why many players call the game a time killer. If you love arcade games, we also offer you the fascinating, as well as sinister Bonetale.

The game was developed by Voodoo studio in May 2020 and has already received over 50 million downloads. The Cube Surfer! rating is 4.2 points, and the age of the players is not limited.

The task of the player in the Cube Surfer! is to control the hero on the cube, which moves along the track. By moving around the playful field, the player needs to collect cubes that come across in the way in order to use them to overcome the ascents and depressions of the track. If a player fails to overcome a section of the track, his hero falls and the game starts over. However, before falling your hero loses cubes – one for each not passed obstacle. When you lost all cubes, you lose the level. The game is simple, but so reckless that it is almost impossible to come off!

Like most similar games, Cube Surfer! requires the player to stay on the selected track as long as possible. The greater the distance traveled by the player and the hero, the more in-game money falls into the piggy bank. The currency of the game allows you to improve some of the hero qualities. For example, you can make him more stable and improve cubes with money that can help you overcome a certain type of obstacle. Cube Surfer! doesn’t imply a game plot. The creators don’t offer any major improvements and there is nothing else to buy in the game.

Cube Surfer! can boast of levels presence. Each location differs from the previous one with an increase in difficulty, speed and number of obstacles. By the way, the developers made sure that the obstacles were diverse. This makes the game even more interesting and exciting. Another feature of the game is the ability to get to the finish line and get access to a new track. However, for this you have to try very hard and show all your attentiveness and reaction!

The graphic design of the Cube Surfer! game has bright colors and good special effects. The overall graphics design is very much in line with the genre, which makes the game very dynamic. Developers also worked out animation part, which is especially evident when the hero’s movement speed is increased. The developers tried to diversify the game with game elements. Therefore, the cubes differ not only in properties, but also in appearance that only decorates the game. Cube Surfer! music is completely in line with the gameplay, adding dynamics and excitement. The sounds design is unobtrusive, but rather stimulating.

In order to concentrate yourself on gameplay and not on earning game currency, install Cube Surfer! with unlimited money mod. Now, you can play for fun with a full set of features.

We tested the mod for unlimited money in Cube Surfer!. Indeed, it works – you get an infinite amount of coins after starting the game. Now, you can facilitate your gameplay. For example, you can buy yourself more cubes for money before starting the next level. Thus, your hero gains an advantage and less chance of crashing after completing the location. We also checked the installation file of the game and found no malware or viruses. Download the modified version from our website and install it following the instructions.

Cube Surfer! is a test of the player’s attentiveness and reaction speed. It would seem nothing new, but the game turned out to be entertaining and exciting. The player only needs to move, collect cubes and overcome obstacles at incredible speed! We can also note the variety of racetracks among the distinctive features. You can choose the most attractive track after reaching a certain level in the game. The longer the player rides, the more play money gets. Don’t forget to improve hero and level-up cubes properties.

The gameplay in Cube Surfer! is not difficult. You just need to move the hero along the plane of the playing field. The game control is standard for its genre. Move the hero to the left, right, forward or backward with your finger. Due to the ease of control, you can handle it with one hand. In addition, you can use both hands of the player to increase the speed of the gameplay.

Cube Surfer! is a real test of your abilities! Mindfulness and reaction are all you need to forget, get away from any problems and become the coolest cubic surfer!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Cube Surfer! before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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