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Cyber ​​Fighters: Legends Of Shadow Battle is an action game from the developers of ZITGA, made in cyberpunk style. The game takes place in the near future in Detroit, when the Third World War took place and the city mired in strife. Your main task is to fight against numerous enemies using classic weapons in the form of swords, katanas and hammers, cyber weapons, as well as using the powerful skills of your heroes. If you love the iconic Stickman series, then you probably know what this game is.

Cyber ​​Fighters combines both action and RPG components, because each character has his own branch of skills, during the game you can raise the levels of heroes and pump their special talents. Complete all 90 levels filled with exciting battles and don’t forget that at the end of each world there will be a sinister boss waiting for you.

Cyber ​​Fighters is a great representative of the hack and slash genre, and we’ll tell you more about it now.

Cyber ​​Fighters asks you to always be on the lookout, as your heroes constantly face with crowds of enemy creatures. At the same time, local gangs are quite diverse, since both ordinary infantrymen and long-range units will attack you. The most unpleasant enemies are flying opponents that you can kill only by jumping or using special skills.

At the start of your adventures, you have only one character at your disposal, but during the walkthrough, you can unlock several unique heroes, each of which has its own appearance, weapons and skills. For example, after passing ten levels, you get access to another character, after another five levels, you get access to another fighter, and so on. However, you can purchase them for donation or with the help of loot boxes.

Since Cyber ​​Fighters is not just an ordinary fighting game where you need to click on enemies, the game has an amazing RPG component. Each hero has his own skills, HP, attack, defense and critical damage, as well as a whole branch of talents. All this you can discover as you progress through the levels. Try to pass everything by three stars to receive more experience points. In addition, in game you can find powerful armor. You must also collect resources to get it.

Unlike many similar projects, in Cyber ​​Fighters, the developers have even added the ability to craft unique items and weapons for your characters. Just fight, complete levels, collect coins, gems and crystals. When you accumulate a certain required amount of resources, you can create any weapon, be it a new sharp sword or a modern cyberpunk cannon, as well as clothes.

For those who are tired of single battles and the story campaign walkthrough, there is an opportunity to try their hand at exciting online battles. Call your friends or challenge a random player. Equip your great hero and enter the arena in 1v1 combat mode. Feel free to follow the leaderboard and try to score enough points to make the world known about you!

Cyber ​​Fighters has cool and interesting graphics in the cyberpunk style. Weapons, equipment, skill animations, look of your characters and even enemies – all this looks in a futuristic style and allows you to immerse yourself even more in the atmosphere of the near future. As for the sound, it will delight gamers when you hear the clinking of swords, screams of defeated enemies, use of skills, calling, for example, a huge assistant robot that burns out all enemies in its path.

Cyber ​​Fighters is a free game, but in order to develop your hero or unlock new characters, you need in-game currency. In addition, the game is full of annoying ads. However, you can just download the modified version of the game. Enjoy it without ads, as well as immediately receive unlimited amount of money on your account.

We have tested Cyber ​​Fighters for our website users. We guarantee you the correct and safe operation of unlimited money mod with no ads. Just install the modified game on your device to take advantage of its benefits. No other action is required from you. Although you receive a lot of money on your account, you cannot upgrade your hero to the maximum immediately, since you need to go through a certain number of game levels.

The controls in Cyber ​​Fighters are simple and convenient and carried out with two hands. With your left hand, you have to set the direction of the character’s movement, and with your right hand, you perform all his actions. In general, the hero can hit with a normal attack, jump, accelerate sharply and use four skills from special slots. However, you can’t use them on starting levels so initially you will have to fight with normal attacks. Don’t worry, you’ll unlock amazing and spectacular skills as you progress.

As for the skills, you can summon a powerful robot with a machine gun, which can shoot your opponents for several seconds. You can get into a giant wheel and crush all enemies in your path. There are many other talents as well. All of them take some time to recharge.

The game has 90 levels in total divided into six sectors. An epic boss battle awaits you at the end of each sub-level. As you progress, you can unlock new characters (five in the game), and get access to new branches of fighter skills.

Cyber ​​Fighters is an interesting project where developers skillfully interweave dynamic battles and RPG leveling. You will definitely have an exciting time playing this game, and with the mod for unlimited money, the walkthrough can become even more interesting.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Cyber ​​Fighters before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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