Dice Dreams Mod APK (Unlimited Moves)

Dice Dreams is an unusual board dice game for Android from SuperPlay. Throw the dice and win gold coins to develop your own kingdom. Fight your enemies on a magic board and set off on a journey across the pirate islands for the stolen property of your kingdom. Take revenge on the pirates for attacking your kingdom! If you love board games, check out Monopoly Sudoku. In addition, for fans of bright and colorful projects we’ve prepared Township.

Dice Dreams is a board game where you win money and discover new islands with pirates who once attacked your kingdom.

During Dice Dreams, you can attack other kingdoms of your friends or other users. Attacks also pay off, shoot and loot, turning the gold into your wealth. However, keep in mind that others can also attack you. Fight back and win battles. Take revenge on them for the devastation of your lands. Pirates have already destroyed your kingdom once, so take back everything that they took from you. Get more and more treasures from foreign lands. Roll the dice and win! Attacking other kingdoms is a good option for your earnings, but be careful and calculate your forces correctly. Rob as much as you can, because there are no laws here. Become a small version of pirates and take yours. Invite your friends to play and arrange battles between your lands. Become the best and richest landowner. Create your own prosperous kingdom!

You can earn gold in Dice Dreams in several ways. Most importantly, play dice against your opponents and develop your own game tactics. Win battles and earn coins! Also, as already mentioned above, you can acquire treasures by attacking and plundering other kingdoms. The main thing is to calculate your own forces and means correctly. Turn someone else’s wealth into yours without a twinge of conscience! Pirates have once robbed you of everything – do not forget about it and take revenge on them with your raids on their islands.

Don’t be afraid to discover new pirate islands and attack them. Travel the pirate kingdoms and other magic boards of your friends in Dice Dreams. Learn something new with each level and save money for the development of your kingdom. Don’t forget what the pirates did to you, take back all your fortune and glory back.

Why do you need to earn coins during skirmishes and battles? Just to rebuild the most magnificent kingdom in the whole world. Invest the earned coins in the buildings of your castle, improve its appearance and defense against other people’s raids. Don’t let the pirates destroy what you’ve been building for so long! Make the castle the way you want it. Create a dream kingdom and show the world who is in charge of Dice Dreams!

Dice Dreams graphics are good. Cartoon fictional characters take us to the atmosphere of children’s fairy tales and cartoons. Well-thought-out characters are very colorful and vibrant that it is impossible not to love them. The game can appeal to both a child and an adult. The heroes resemble little plasticized figures, but this doesn’t affect the game. On the contrary, it becomes fascinating. Sound effects are excellent.

We can offer you a mod for Dice Dreams, which gives you an opportunity to use unlimited moves. This mod allows you to play as much as you want, because now you can roll the dice over and over again.

After installing the mod, you get unlimited number of moves, while the original version allows you to use only dozen of them. Therefore, when the energy of your hero becomes zero, its amount simply goes in the opposite direction. Your moves go to minus and you can roll the dice repeatedly. The mod for Dice Dreams is safe for your device and our team guarantees it.

An unusual dice game can grab your attention easily. Interesting backstory and fictional creatures make the game very cute and fabulous. The essence of the game is throwing dice and earning coins. At first glance, everything seems quite simple, but the game becomes more complicated with each level. New pirate islands are opening up and you must unleash a war in order to return your looted treasures and the former greatness of your kingdom. Money can help you rebuild everything on your lands, so spend your money wisely.

Dice Dreams is a great board game where you need to use a dice for successful gameplay. Such an interesting idea won’t leave you indifferent. Roll the dice, earn coins and build your own kingdom. The mod for unlimited moves cab pleasantly surprise you and make the game simpler, but also fun at the same time.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Dice Dreams before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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