Dig This! Mod APK (Unlimited Hints/No ads) 1.1.35

Dig This! is a mobile puzzle game with nice 3D graphics, simple controls and many levels developed by Raketspel. The essence of the gameplay is to drive the green ball into a one-color pocket. It is not important how you do this, but you need to dig the ground to remove obstacles, as well as develop your own scenario. Do you want the ball to bounce to the pocket? Dig the ground under the stone to drop it on the catapult and send the ball to the desired point. If you like simple games without a plot, then you can also download Dice Dreams and Paper.io 3D.

50 million downloads and over 500 thousand positive reviews speak for themselves. Let’s find out the main advantages of this project.

Each level in Dig This! represents a tank filled with sand. If you pay attention to the upper edge of the container, you can see a green ball that you must deliver to the pocket. Everything is serious, so the physics laws affect the gameplay. Therefore, gravity force can make the ball roll and fall. Suspended blocks, catapults, platforms that not allow the ball to fall down can come to your aid if the task requires it. The main obstacles on your way are stone bags that can deprive you of the opportunity to pave way to the goal.

The developers are well aware that some stages can confuse the player. Especially for this, they added level skipping mechanic and hint system in Dig This!. You can skip the difficult level with the help of watching an ad, that won’t take much of your time. Hint icon locates in upper right corner of the screen. However, its use is strictly limited. You can buy these tips for real money, but you still can go through the campaign on your own. By the way, lives number or endurance scale does not limit number of attempts.

Dig This! employs a realistic model of the physics of objects behavior, so a heavy green ball cannot soar to the heavens on its own. Convenient and intuitive controls allow you to get used to the gameplay quickly. Moreover, this puzzle is great as a useful hobby for children who are just learning to think logically.

Dig This! uses simple 3D graphics with a minimum level of object details. This reduces the project’s requirements, but also affects the picture quality. The interface simplicity is clear to any user, especially for beginners. Practically designed main menu and harmoniously arranged tabs along with wide functionality don’t allow the player to get lost. By the way, there is no soundtrack in the game. The developers tried to provide the player with everything necessary for maximum concentration on the gameplay.

As mentioned above, if you cannot complete the level, you always have the right to use the hint. True, for this you need to watch an advertisement. However, you have to use several tips at once due to the complexity of the level on later stages. Therefore, for completing one level, you need to watch several commercials at once, which is very inappropriate for calm walkthrough. We suggest you to download mod for Dig This! that allows you to use hints without viewing annoying ads. Thus, you can reduce the playthrough time and complete all levels in the game much faster.

Our team has tested the No Ads mod and can guarantee the presence unlimited hints at your request. This function becomes available after the first launch of the game. Additionally, we also checked the installation file for viruses and malware. The antivirus scan results showed no problems. Install the game according to the recommendations below to take full advantage of our mod.

Dig This! in many ways similar to Sand Balls and Where’s My Water. However, the first game is quite serious and difficult, while the second focuses on the children’s audience. In its turn, Dig This! is simple, interesting and requires you to strain your brains in moderation. That’s why this project is so valuable. On the other hand, the game features 3D graphics with quite competitive, well-developed models. Nevertheless, the real pride for this game is physics, as it is as realistic as possible.

Moreover, you can be calm in terms of controls – there are no difficulties in Dig This!. The gameplay specifics require the user not only to take the ball to the pocket, but also to avoid obstacles. For example, if your ball falls into a stone bag, you have to go through the whole level again, because you cannot dig in rock. Slide your finger along the ground to remove it. This layer is brown, while the stone is gray. Try to avoid other difficult places, but the solution to the next problem is not always obvious. Use your imagination for a successful walkthrough.

Dig This! is an addictive and addicting app that belongs to the puzzle genre. It helps to abstract from the surrounding world and visit another universe, where you need to solve the most confusing tasks. If you know how to think well and logically, then this game is just for you. The main advantage of the gameplay is the absence of a specific template that determines the player path in achieving task goal. The freedom of decision is open to every user. It does not matter how you can achieve the goal, the main thing is that you need to do it at any cost.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Dig This! before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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