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The recently released Dog Town has delighted all dog lovers in the world. On the one hand, it is a classic simulator of a professional dog breeder. On the other hand, there is something in it both from economic strategy, cute RPG, and even from Tamagotchi. You have to buy four-legged pets in a special store, take care of them and monitor their growth and daily life. Over time, you will have a dog farm where you will be engaged in feeding, raising and training your pets. If you love pet games, we recommend you to download My Talking Tom Friends and Jurassic World Alive.

Below you will find out about the main features of this cute game.

As you know, a person always wants bread and circuses, and any animal wants to eat and play. First, make sure your puppy is full. Dog Town provides a special store to purchase food. However, you must monitor the balanced diet of the four-legged friends carefully. Virtual dogs are no worse than humans are. They are also prone to overeating and obesity.

It is not enough to feed the dog, now it must also be entertained. Although in the game, this process delivers no less pleasure than playing and fiddling with a real pet. In addition, playing with a virtual puppy is not just useless fun, but an element of education. Over time, you will learn how to train your virtual dogs, reward them with the right skills, and punish for inappropriate behavior. During process of training, you are able to bring up real hunters or service dogs.

There is an interesting direction of development in the process of playing Dog Town. A wide variety of dog breeds is available for purchase at the pet store: from cocker spaniels and schnauzers, to German shepherds and just mongrels. You can imagine yourself as a famous breeder of purebred dogs, carefully selecting pets for blood purity, character and simple appearance. You can even feel the talent of a breeder and a geneticist in yourself and try to breed your own unique breed. The game mechanics remembers and reflects the properties of pets throughout the game session. That is, it is also a simulator of a genetic biologist. Dogs differ by many characteristics. It is even more curious to observe how they will manifest themselves in the next generations of your wards.

Every dog ​​wants to live beautifully in clean and well-groomed nursery. This is another interesting element of Dog Town gameplay – home improvement. Buy a wide variety of furniture, toys for animals and decorative elements in a special location. In addition, the design becomes like a separate layer of the gameplay process – like a mini-game inside the main one.

With all the obvious advantages, such a game would not be interesting without a quest component. However, it is in Dog Town, and it is very interesting and well developed. Your pets can perform a variety of tasks and go on different quests. We must say that some of the quests would be the envy of serious RPGs with a non-linear storyline. During completing tasks, your wards upgrade their skills and gain experience – a kind of RPG element.

The graphics in Dog Town are simple, no frills, but pleasing to the eye. However, the pets deserve special thanks to the designers and developers. It is clear that they draw them with soul and great love. Even the most callous, stern and brutal man can have an attack of affection after seeing these pets. All decorative elements and even backgrounds also have very high quality.

The musical accompaniment also pleased. Somewhere it is jazz and blues variations, somewhere there are country elements. In general, the soundtrack sets up a leisurely gameplay and progressive development. Well, the sounds made by the puppies are generally amazing. They can make you laugh aloud.

A long game in Dog Town: Pet Shop Game involuntarily sets you in a relaxed and peaceful mood. However, a very unpleasant incident can happen. At some point, you can notice that you have run out of in-game currency. How did it happen? It’s very simple: you bought puppies, fed them regularly, purchased various toys, arranged common home. At some point, the budget dried up. In order to solve this problem we offer a mod for unlimited money.

By downloading and installing the game, you get the opportunity to make any purchases in the game store. You no longer need to distract by micromanagement related to finances and count every penny. Enjoy the main line of the game, taking care of your pets and their development.

We tested unlimited money mod for Dog Town. Based on the results, we can confirm its correct operation, as well as safety. All you need is to download and install the modified version of the game on your Android device. Already at first launch, you can receive an unlimited amount of money on your game balance.

Dog Town: Pet Shop Game can delight animal lovers of all ages. However, this game is not at all primitive. There is a place for planning, design and development of your pets.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Dog Town: Pet Shop Game before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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