DOP 2: Delete One Part Mod APK (Unlocked/No Ads) 1.1.1

DOP 2: Delete One Part is a new part of the famous game where you need to brainstorm. This is a real find for those who like to solve ingenious puzzles. Use not only your ingenuity, but also imagination to solve all the puzzles. The difficulty increases with each level. Players need to determine which object is superfluous in the image and erase it. This way you can find out what characters are hiding and change the plot development. Endless fun awaits you. Thanks to very simple mechanics and beautiful graphics, this game is a great option not only for adults, but also for the smallest users. Among other logic projects, we recommend Braindom 2 and Doors: Origins.

Read on and find out all the most interesting advantages about this app.

DOP 2: Delete One Part does not require any special skills from the player. You don’t need to solve difficult puzzles or be an expert in mathematics. All you need is to erase part of the image from the display and help the hero of the level. For example, there are two safes at the level and you need to get money from one of them. However, a police officer is hiding in one of the safes, who wants to arrest you. Therefore, you need to wash another safe and take all the treasures. Remove unnecessary details at each level and move further and further along the plot.

DOP 2: Delete One Part currently has several hundred levels to explore. Passing them is exciting and funny. Start with the simplest puzzles, where the developers help you with hints and reach the very latest levels. There you have to think seriously. In general, the game mechanics throughout all locations remain unchanged. Swipe across the screen and find what is hidden behind the screen. Test your wits and train your brains in the addicting DOP 2: Delete One Part.

By the way, the developers tried to amuse players and added a lot of jokes and funny levels to the game. On one of them, for example, you need to understand what the British Royal Guardsman hides under his huge fur hat. Underneath is a punk with purple hair. In another case, it is necessary to understand what is wrong with the beautiful bride in a veil. However, if you erase a little of her dress, you can see a man with hairy legs that is hiding under it. There are such funny references in almost every second level of the game.

Despite the fact that DOP 2: Delete One Part is not a very confusing puzzle, you still have to strain. Literally, every level contains some kind of riddle. If at first you cope with it easily, then later, it becomes more difficult. By the way, if you can’t go through the stage, you can use the hint. By using it, the game highlights area you need to erase. In order to take a hint, you need to watch a short commercial.

All stories in the game have a funny cartoon style that can appeal to both children and adults. In general, we can say that DOP 2: Delete One Part has its own recognizable style, which has become the hallmark of the project. The sound in the project plays a lesser role, although after each completed level you can hear a pleasant notification.

DOP 2: Delete One Part is an interesting and high quality app. The only significant disadvantage is the large amount of advertising. You have to watch ads to get a clue, but often they appear during the gameplay, making it certainly annoying. We offer you to download a mod with no ads. Now, you need to watch it only for using hints, although in general you can do without it.

Our team has tested DOP 2: Delete One Part and its mod on numerous devices for the convenience of our users. We can confirm that all the features stated above work perfectly. Installation file cannot harm your smartphone and does not pose any danger. In order to verify this, we checked it using various antivirus programs. Follow the instructions at the end of our article to install game properly.

Overall, gameplay type reminds an addicting puzzle for the whole family. Uncomplicated gameplay, large number of levels, recognizable colorful graphics and a lot of humor – this is what millions of users fell in love. There are not so many high-quality games on Android market right now that make you think. However, this project is rather an exception to the rule.

DOP 2: Delete One Part definitely deserves your attention. For those who were looking for a not too difficult logic game, this game is the best choice.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original DOP 2: Delete One Part before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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