Dragon Raja Mod APK (One-Hit Kill/God Mode) 1.0.122

Dragon Raja is an anime-style mobile MMORPG from Archosaur Games. The game differs from most similar projects in level of graphics and quality of models. Moreover, it has well-developed inner world with a separate plot designed for a single player. The project uses Unreal Engine 4 that is common for both anime and more serious projects aimed at Western audiences. Thanks to the latest technology and high-quality graphics, you can fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. Conquer new heights alone or together with friends. Among other similar projects, our team can single out ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE and Mobile Legends: Adventure.

Find out the main features of this game from our review.

After entering Dragon Raja, you need to select a server and create a character. Now, there are several classes available. Moreover, each class has its own characteristics:

You can choose a female, male or loli character and then proceed with appearance settings. Face type, eyebrows, nose, lips, eyes, hairstyle, hair color, height, size of legs, arms and chest, as well as other settings allow you to give the desired look and make it unique.

Dragon Raja narrative comes down to the Dragon Hunter caste. This is a separate group of professional fighters whose task is to find and destroy monsters. Legends say that their ancestors drank the blood in order to become stronger, faster and more enduring. Such a fact left its mark on the group representatives as a whole. The main character is an orphan. Player learns the fate of his parents as the campaign progresses. Find yourself in a special college that trains new hunters. Almost immediately, the hero goes to Tokyo, where he must begin a secret mission. During the walkthrough, you need to learn many new and interesting things about both the world order and key figures in it. Surprisingly, the storyline in this MMO is worthwhile.

In general, the gameplay of Dragon Raja is not much different from most similar projects. The whole gameplay includes two large-scale phases – the plot and rest of the content. Just go through the campaign, as there is nothing complicated in it. This mode is rather for informational purposes, since it gives an idea of ​​what is happening in the game. Rest of the content includes both PvE and PvP. Fight against the strongest monsters in a group, complete NPC tasks, receive new and exclusive equipment and compete with gamers in real time.

No modern role-playing game is complete without careful study of locations. Visit huge number of real places collected from all over the world. Tokyo, England, Italy and other countries. By traveling across countries, you can reveal the story plot. Explore the game world and make new friends. Dragon Raja has a huge community, so you do not have to look for a group or mates for a long time.

Dragon Raja uses 3D graphics with very high quality and detailed models that remind general anime style. Everything from environment to weapons has perfect details. In total, the project leaves a very positive impression after the first visual acquaintance. A completely new approach to visualization in mobile games ca delight even the most demanding gamers. The sound effects greatly correspond to visual style.  Voices of characters, sounds of various skills help you to immerse in the gaming world.

If you experience some problems with upgrading your character or just cannot complete some quests, we recommend you to download mod for Dragon Raja. Its main feature is a god mode option. With its help, your character can become almost invulnerable during the adventure. Just imagine, you can destroy all your enemies with one hit. Such an opportunity allows you to upgrade your character faster. 

We have tested Dragon Raja for the convenience of our users. Based on the test results, we confirm its functionality. However, we warn you that mod may not work on some devices because it’s an online project. Its developers do their best in order to prevent any type of cheating. In this regard, they constantly update the game, which makes it difficult to hack. However, we always try to provide our users with the most relevant and working version.

As for Dragon Raja combat system, you have to do everything manually. There is an auto fight option here, but it doesn’t work correctly. Each hero has a specific list of skills that opens up as you progress through the story campaign. On the right, you can find a virtual joystick needed to control the character movements, while on the left – a circular menu of skills and techniques. You can immediately change the position of your hero, jump or sit.

In addition to the main modes, gamers can try an interesting career system. Since the world is not medieval, but rather futuristic, the professions here are completely different. Master the art of cooking and work as a chef, rise to fame as a showbiz star or even become a badass racer!

If you are still looking for a high quality role-playing game, then we suggest downloading Dragon Raja. True visual enjoyment and versatile gameplay amazes with its next generation features. Play together with friends, defeat bosses, master professions, and fight with other gamers.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Dragon Raja before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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