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Lead your team to the top of sporting Olympus in Dream League Soccer 2021. Play beautiful combinations and score amazing goals. Buy and sell players to become stronger and better in class. Develop your club infrastructure to maximize your income. All this and much more awaits you in this game. Your main task is to defeat all opponents on the football field in a classic 11v11 match. No more football managers this time, here you and only you manage your players on field, you decide where to pass and hit. Enjoy colorful 3D graphics and deep customization for your team.

The game has two main tournaments. One of them is the regular season with eight leagues. If you take the top places in the standings of the regular season, then you can get a ticket to a higher division. If you fail the season and take the last places, then you have to play the next season in a tournament with a lower rank. When promoted, the stadium needs to correspond to certain requirements. You always see how they play in parallel matches, which gives additional realism. In addition, Dream League Soccer 2021 also includes cup competitions. Here, the battle takes place according to the Olympic system – whoever loses eliminates then. The winner is the one who reaches the final and wins the decisive match.

The developers have tried very hard and made the graphics even more realistic. Now all shots, tackles, goalkeeper rescues and goal celebrations you can watch using motion capture technology, which gives the game extra realism. Especially in comparison with the previous parts, the moment stands out when the player turns around with the ball. If earlier it looked very clumsy, now the football player performs realistic actions similar to the model in the famous FIFA simulator. The same is the case with other aspects of gameplay.

Although the main part of Dream League Soccer 2021 icomes down on football matches, the developers didn’t forget about the football component to make the game even more interesting. The development of the team’s infrastructure is on your shoulders: construction of medical center, training base and improvements to the stadium. The higher your league, the greater the requirements for the football arena. Work in the transfer market looking for new players for the team. You can use the help of scouts who canlook for talents for you. However, you can act yourself, because it’s more interesting.

Before starting the game, you have the opportunity to choose the appearance for the coach – editor is quite extensive for this. There is a wide range of a person’s face, large selection of hairstyles and a variety of costumes, ranging from sports style to strict classic trousers and a jacket. Feel like a designer by designing your club emblem and uniform. There are also many settings for this, providing a lot of patterns, shapes, effects and colors. Dream League Soccer 2021 provides you with opportunity to deal with a very smart AI, as well as the stars of world football. Make your way to the League of Legends. Invite Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale or Sergio Ramos to your team, and crush all your opponents. 

Well, what a football simulator without hot online battles? Challenge your friends and see whose team is the coolest or play with random opponents. We advise you to have a stable internet connection, as any failure can easily lead to a crash and you will lose precious rating points.

We talked about the graphics in more detail above and it is great. The sound in Dream League Soccer 2021 is also at a high level – noise of fans, sounds of blows, referee’s whistles – all these parameters have high quality. At the same time, the menu includes pleasant and light soundtracks.

It’s no secret that sometimes matches are difficult and it is almost impossible to beat opponents. Your squad or skills are not strong enough or you are simply unlucky. However, we can solve these problems and provide you to download a modified version of the game that includes option of stupid bot opponents, which after turning on makes the enemy play much weaker, so you can score easily. Thus, for example, you can advance in the league if you are interested.

We have tested Dream League Soccer 2021 to give users our rating. Based on the testing results, we guarantee correct operation of the mod. After installing the game, you can open special menu where you can activate the dumb mode.

The controls in the game are quite convenient and there is practically no auto-assistance mode, so everything depends on you. You control the players with three buttons. Everything is quite simple and intuitive. If you are in possession of the ball, these buttons are responsible for pass, cross and shot. At the same time, if the opponent has the ball, then you can tackle, switch to another player or try to tackle the ball without sliding.

All games in Dream League Soccer 2021 include commentator speeches, which gives an additional atmosphere and realism, as if you are watching a live match. All players have energy and it gradually decreases during the game. If a football player violated the rules, then it drops sharply. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor this parameter and make replacements in time. Player can get injuries that you can heal with in-game currency or just wait for player recovery. The developers also Implemented dynamic weather change. If it rains, players will slip more often and the ball will fly differently.

The game also has a transfer market where you can buy and sell players. In-game coins are required to purchase. In total, your team can have a maximum of 24 players. As stated, Dream League Soccer 2021 has around 3500 licensed players, including some of the brightest football stars. 

Dream League Soccer 2021 may appeal to all football and sports fans. This game is able to captivate you for long hours, because it is not so easy to get into the legendary division. Collect your dream team and invite your friends to determine the strongest in an exciting 3D duel featuring football stars pn your Android device.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Dream League Soccer 2021 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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