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Drift Max World is a project from the creators of interesting racing game Tiramisu, which won’t let you get bored. Your main task is to drift and score as many points as possible for a successful skid. Compete on real streets in the most picturesque corners of the world. Customize your car and use a huge number of decorations, stickers, skins and lights. Complete the entire exciting career mode and become number one! For fans of this kind of games, we also recommend FR Legends and Hot Wheels Unlimited.


Find out all the details and Drift Max World from our review.

Drift Max World features a Career Mode where you play through the seasons competing on different tracks. Each season consists of several tracks. There are usually two tasks in the races. The first is necessary to complete and receive rewards in the form of coins. The second is to earn gold. You san spend resulting coins in a car store or garage – there you can purchase customization items for your car. The most typical tasks are spend a certain amount of time in the drift, score the required number of points, complete the task in a few seconds and finish at the specified speed. Completing them is not difficult in the first season, but over time, the difficulty increases.

Initially, we have a car with very modest characteristics in Drift Max World. You need to complete the campaign seasons to get a new one. You can add to cars spoilers, new discs and brake pads, bumpers or neon lights. In addition, a huge number of different stickers and skins are available. You can turn on the neon lights, adjust the suspension height or tint the windows. In a word, the possibilities for customization of your cars take a very long time to study them.

The developers of Drift Max World have introduced several tracks scattered across several countries to make the greatest impression on the user. Skid around Moscow’s Red Square, or explore the track against the backdrop of the majestic skyscrapers of Dubai. Go to Brooklyn and conquer everyone with your stunts on the road. Collect as many points as possible and become the king of each country.

If you thought that you would have to drive one regular car for your entire career in Drift Max World, then you were very wrong. You may not change the car, but tune the one given to you from the very beginning. However, it is much more interesting to test yourself behind the wheel of several cars. You only need to go through the storyline. Improve each car at your own discretion. There are more than ten cars in the game.

Drift Max World offers gamers high-quality graphics and together with extensive vehicle customization options, this makes the game even more realistic. During the races, you can enjoy the roar of the engine and squeaky brakes when skidding – just like in real life. In addition, the game is quite undemanding in its characteristics, so that most owners of android devices can try it out.

We bring to your attention unlimited money mod that provides unlimited amount of resources to your account. You can spend them on improvements to cars, as well as unlocking new cars.

Based on the results, we can confirm the functionality of the mod for unlimited money. All you need to do is download and install the modified version of the game on your device. In addition, installation file is completely safe for your gadget.

Improve your vehicle at each stage. You can customize the appearance as well as the internal characteristics. Replace the engine, transmission, nitrogen injection and more. All this and not only is available for change. Additional fee allows you to speed up the improvement process.

Controls in Drift Max World are quite simple and intuitive. Even a beginner can easily figure it out. You don’t need specific knowledge or skills for this. One of the features is that you can observe your car from almost any angle due to unique camera arrangement. You can also watch what is happening right from the driver’s cab. Choose the option you like best.

You can even change the appearance of the pilot himself, which is new for this type of game. For the most part, the driver is not visible in the game – he appears in all its glory only on the title screen of the game. However, such a trifle is still the highlight of the game.

Drift Max World is perfect for both beginners and experienced gamers. Here you can find high-quality physics, a variety of tracks and many opportunities to design the car appearance.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Drift Max World before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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