Drive Ahead! Mod APK (Unlimited Money/No Ads) 3.3.3

Drive Ahead! is an arcade racing game for Android from Dodreams Ltd. Huge selection of vehicles for battle: SUVs, garbage trucks, tanks, stuntmen, etc. Collect more and more cars along the way to advance to more dangerous and interesting battle arenas. Create your own car team for battles, level up and become the best among your rivals. We also recommend you to download [PROJECT: OFFROAD] and Sling Drift.

Each car has its own strengths and weaknesses. The game has three different game modes: duel, single player and King of the Hill matches. Learn to master different tracks and vehicles in daily racing missions.

Play with your friends in Drive Ahead! on the same device at the same time! Watch the actions of your opponent, develop your tactics and win. A classic move is simply to “crush” your opponent’s car. In addition, if you don’t want bloodshed, then there is an opportunity to push another out of the arena. The main thing during your actions is not to accidentally crash your car, because it is equal to a loss. Reach the finish line in one piece and become a winner!

Drive Ahead! has several stages of battles. Battles last up to five victories. You won’t get bored with the game process, since all battles take place very dynamically, quickly and colorfully. Rounds last no more than 15 seconds. Use various deadly traps such as iron spikes, flaming balls, etc. to defeat your opponent. As previously described, this game is for two friends at the same time. However, if there is no one with you at the moment, it doesn’t matter! AI in the game can perfectly replace a human for you to remain the process just as exciting and fun.

There are 32 rare copies of cars that you can buy in Drive Ahead! In order to unlock such a vehicle, you need to put your coins on the line and play the one-armed bandit. Try your luck and ignite your passion with this mode. Each time, there will be fewer and fewer unlocked cars, which means that it is more difficult to get them. Experienced players are advised to use “random selection”, as it is always interesting with which car you can crush your opponent. This fun feature allows you to make the game more capricious and distract from various kinds of rules and fuss. Let off some steam after the battle!

Drive Ahead! offers us three game modes, as previously mentioned local co-op, playing with rivals via Wi-Fi or with AI of the game. Record your game with your friends and post your video on the game itself or on social networks. Compete for the title of the best video and review on official game YouTube Channel.

Get as many points as possible by colliding cars of your friends and rivals! Fight garbage trucks and off-road vehicles. There are many types of cars in the game so you can definitely choose the best one for you. Move further along the battle arenas, collecting coins, helmets and cars along the way. Each time the arenas become more shocking and dangerous. Can you defeat the monster truck with your helix? Grab the wheel and find out! Don’t be afraid, this is just a game.

Drive Ahead! uses pixel graphics so there is no violent content like blood. Many may experience nostalgia for the old games. Retro lovers will love it! Although the graphics have such a feature – all the cars are quite colorful and detailed. Nice sound effects from collisions and crashes in battles brings you incredible delight!

Collect virtual credits to unlock tons of cars and many arenas as you play! You get free coins by playing a lot and watching ads. Use them in the casino slot machine to win new content. You can play this game free as much as you like. However, there are credit packs in the app as purchases with real money.

Don’t waste your money with our mod for Drive Ahead! Unlock any car you like and make your game more enjoyable! Unlimited money feature opens up many new possibilities. Hundreds of arenas will be at your feet. You no longer have to watch boring ads to continue further and earn a meager amount of coins. Moreover, you won’t see any ads in this game.

Our team has tested game functionality and can guarantee its stable work. After installing the mod, you receive unlimited amount of money to your account, which certainly can diversify your gameplay. We’ve also checked the modified version for malware – don’t worry, it’s completely safe.

Drive Ahead! is an action drive game for Android devices. The goal of the gameplay is to crush the cars of your opponents using your vehicle. Hundreds of pixel cars and levels bring you endless hours of two player racing with horrific crashes! Just be careful not to crash! Discover unlimited car choices and hundreds of arenas. Drive into the game!

The gameplay is quite simple and does not require special skills or explanations. Just practice a little in the fight against AI and then start the battle with real people. Despite the fact that the focus of the game comes down to cars, this is not a racing game. Everything that happens on the screen takes place within one small arena where your main task is to use skills to destroy the enemy. Given the huge number of cars, as well as the variety of tracks, you cannot think of a universal strategy. You need to adapt to the situation in almost every new battle.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Drive Ahead! before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.


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