Erase Her: Puzzle Story Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.1.3

Erase Her: Puzzle Story is a fun game with interesting storyline and fully interactive gameplay. You need to use an eraser, erasing unnecessary elements in locations. The plot tells the story of one not particularly lucky girl. This time she tries herself in the role of a pizza delivery boy. Clients are very different and often they are unusual people, but the most real monsters and psychos. The developers have added many exciting levels filled with unusual features. Each of them is an original scene. The life of your hero will hang by a thread dozens of times. You, in turn, must constantly save her, using your logic and sharp mind. We have prepared other logic projects for you, such as Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles and Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories.

Erase Her: Puzzle Story has collected over a million downloads in a short time, but the average project rating is only 3.1 points. Many people give the application a low score because of not very good optimization.

Your main weapon in Erase Her: Puzzle Story is not only a sharp eye and mind, but also an eraser. After all, all the decorations in the project can hide secrets and solutions to problems. Your main goal is to find such loopholes as quickly as possible by removing all unnecessary things. Therefore, use eraser to erase doors, cabinets, car parts and even some characters. For example, when faced with dangerous and bloodthirsty monsters, it will be easiest to remove them, if it is possible. However, there are probably other options even if that doesn’t work. For example, vampires are afraid of light, respectively, the sun, which hides behind the clouds and so on.

Get ready for the craziest adventures with a pretty girl. Go to dinner with a vampire to find out his weaknesses. Outwit a real maniac and take him out into the open. Solve puzzles to survive even during a plane crash and then find a civilization. The developers have prepared well-developed stories and interesting tasks. You can change events on the fly by choosing certain options. Also, take care of the girl’s appearance, change outfits depending on the weather and the place where you are.

The gameplay of Erase Her: Puzzle Story can boast of ever-evolving plot. Girl first gets into some trouble and when you help her get out of the trap, she finds herself in a different place, but again with some problems. Each such problem includes several smaller tasks. As a rule, these 10-15 stages add up to a separate chapter. Depending on this, the scenery changes, along with your opponents and gameplay in general. For example, you will have to fight zombies, werewolves and other monsters with available means and knowledge of their weak points. Once you find yourself in the laboratory of evil genius, you have to solve puzzles, tinker with mechanisms, guess codes to open doors and so on. There are many such changes in the situation, since the developers have prepared several hundred stages.

Project offers players fun 2D graphics. The characters and the scenery themselves are drawn in an unusual, cartoonish style, so it is really interesting and fun to play. There is practically no sound in the application, but you don’t need it actually.

We bring to your attention unlimited money mod for Erase Her: Puzzle Story. Use it to dress the woman in various outfits, customizing her in this way at your discretion.

Players have to take patronage over a charming beauty. You need to help her go through difficult situations, solve storylines, puzzles, and much more. Every time you need to show creative thinking, creativity, and do not forget to be guided by logical abilities. If you do everything right, you will go to the next level. If you make even a minimal mistake, you just have to start all over again. You have no life limit. Do not forget about intuition, trying to complete the assigned tasks. Such an approach helps a lot when the meaning of the task is not visible at first glance. You should not use it in all tasks, because sometimes the logic simply does not exist.

The main mechanic of Erase Her: Puzzle Story is that you need to erase unnecessary elements with an eraser. You can do this with certain things or characters shown in the workspace. As soon as you find the correct answer, then immediately switch to another scene. After that, you have to think about what is necessary in this situation. If you see a locked door in front of you, but it does not have a lock that locks the entrance, then simply try to clean the rug located under the door. If that does not help, then clean the pot of plants, trying to find a key under it. Try simply erasing the door, if that doesn’t work. More than a hundred exciting tasks await you, allowing you to look at everyday things from the other side. Gradually, they become more and more difficult, and you will spend more time on them.

Erase Her: Puzzle Story is an interesting game filled various ridiculous and funny stories for main character. Try to connect your logic and get out of any situation with dignity.

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