Eternium Mod APK (Unlimited Rubies) 1.5.42

Eternium is an original fantasy RPG game made by a small team of developers. Its main difference is that you can play it even offline. You just need to download all the updates and files for this. There are no multiplayer battles, PVP arenas and other competitions where you would have to fight with real players. However, at the same time, creators have prepared hundreds and even thousands of exciting levels and a long storyline that will not let you get bored even for a minute. Choose your unique hero, upgrade 20 available skills and combine them in battle. In addition, any hero has his own set of characteristics and belongs to one of the elements. Among other role-playing projects, we recommend you Arcana Tactics and Summon Dragons.

If you look at game statistics in the official sources, you will see a staggering figure of ten million downloads. Such an impressive amount did not appear immediately, but accumulated over the years of its existence. It is impossible not to mention the highest mark of 4.8 points. Not every role-playing project can boast such a warm attitude from players.

Main gameplay feature is unique combat system and character control mechanics as a whole. In order to move, you need to click on the right place to send your hero to the specified point. It is quite unusual, since joystick is solution that is more common. Everything is also quite unusual with mechanics of using abilities. In order to apply skills, you need to draw certain symbols on the screen. For example, check mark, zigzag and so on. Each specific symbol represents a certain skill, which looks very convenient.

You should seriously think about character selection in Eternium, as there are three classes to choose:

Each class has a unique list of abilities that open up as hero improves. In order to upgrade skills, you need to manually send a skill for modification and wait for a certain amount of real time. We should say that equipment here is unique for each of the classes. You can get it for killing ordinary monsters and formidable bosses or as reward for completed task. It is possible to improve most things in the game: add useful properties, insert stones and so on.

Eternium features three story acts that contain sets of levels. After completing the current stage, you open the next one and so on. Intermediate link is the base where you can buy and sell things, upgrade abilities and monitor development of your partners. If you successfully complete all the story missions, then you can start endless mode with randomly generated levels. Such an approach gives you a whole mountain of additional unique content.

Not so long ago, developers introduced multiplayer mode. Now, you can go through the proposed maps together with other players and earn extremely useful rewards. Online mode was the most important thins that caused a large influx of new players into the project.

Eternium’s level of graphics won’t blow your mind, but characters and effects look good. It is worth noting the soundtrack, which emphasizes each skill used or character’s line.

We bring to your attention a mod for unlimited rubies. By the way, if you need it, you can exchange them for coins at any time of the game.

Our team has carried out a test check of Eternium mod to verify its functionality personally. Indeed, everything works great. Unlimited number of rubies awaits you immediately after installing the project. Several types of currency allow you to make necessary improvements, as well as buy consumables and elixirs. The most popular is gold, which you can obtain literally everywhere, including completing the storyline. It is also possible to get gold for exchange on rubies.

Choose your unique hero, travel the vast world, going down to various dungeons, exploring forests and ancient cemeteries, siege castles, and destroy demons in order to gain powerful forces. Receive chests with various treasures as a reward, as they can contain anything you like.

In order to help you, it is possible to use partners, which availability opens in course of the storyline. However, you can choose only two companions among this list. Choice of an ally directly depends on the characteristics of your specialization. For example, a tank is ideal for main character, while mage and shooter is the best option for warrior. Each partner has four unique skills that are open for different improvements.

Eternium is example of a game created for convenience of players. There are not many decent projects for Android platform right now, but Eternium is definitely one of them.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Eternium before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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