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EverMerge is an arcade game with puzzle elements that invites the player to visit a unique world and get busy with its arrangement. Construct incredible buildings, get valuable things and new characters by combining a variety of items. Moreover, you can meet famous heroes in the person of Puss in Boots, Pinocchio and unicorns. In addition to the main activity, the gamer can also carry out exciting quests to get valuable awards and prizes.

Your main task is to connect identical elements and objects correctly. These actions are not limited. Later you can get completely new items, continuing to combine them into a single whole. The result should be an unusual and beautiful fairy tale. Complete exciting tasks, have fun and get cool gifts. Collect items, combine them and turn them into unusual images can will impress all fans of games of this genre.

Read on to learn about the main features of EverMerge.

World of EverMerge features candy trees. Collect several of them to get delicious candies. Harvest crop from wheat fields and vegetable gardens. The mines are full of resources and treasures. If you manage to master them, you can become the richest. There is also an opportunity to become the owner of coral castles and moon palaces. The magic kingdom is full of quirks that the player has to deal with. There are hundreds of subjects available to you to study and combine with one another.

Once in a fairy tale, you can observe a world full of heroes with difficult characters. There are many surprises in wonderland. You can meet Puss in Boots and Peter Pan. Find and connect the magic shoes and see Cinderella. By taking advantage of beautiful pearls, you can meet the Little Mermaid. Sleeping Beauty now needs a lot of coffee to stay awake, and Peter Pan now prefers to ride a hoverboard.

It is not so easy to combine objects in EverMerge. After all, you still need to find all the resources and arrange them in one row. The combination gives a new resource of the same type, but of better quality. Having created three of these items, you can also combine them, getting an even cooler resource! There may be many points in this chain. In the end, you get a resource source that supplies you with the necessary items every few hours. This can help you complete tasks to move to the next level and receive magical energy. Task are character-related. The first is princess, and she constantly needs sweets!Finding them is not so easy, but completing the task brings you several units of energy. Therefore, the game constantly challenges the user and makes him wiggle his brains.

Developers have prepared a series of exciting daily quests to motivate players to log into EverMerge every day. Take part in special events and meet other players. Solve puzzles to get special prizes. Cook delicious desserts, breed fabulous unicorns and enjoy smooth and intuitive gameplay in this gorgeous arcade game.

EverMerge has cartoony graphics, interesting heroes, each with its own character, and interesting, albeit fairy gameplay. During the game, you will hear calm fabulous music, as well as numerous audio effects that emphasize the fabulous atmosphere of the locations.

Ever Merge is free to play and offers in-app purchases. However, you can download a modified version and take advantage of making all purchases free. We have tested EverMerge on our devices. Based on the test results, we can guarantee the correct operation of the mod for free purchases. By installing the modified version you get an opportunity to buy diamonds in any quantity. Use this currency to buy additional energy necessary to advance through the levels.

The essence of the gameplay is to open up new territories and free them from the magic fog. The game world has zones, each of which is unlocked upon meeting certain conditions. There can be several limiting factors: open character, player’s level and mana availability.

Player get experience for completing tasks and successfully combining items. EverMerge allows you to obtain items from special objects that give resources, found on the map or bought in the market for coins. Resources on the market can be in their pure form. For example, you can easily buy the logs needed to build houses or get them in the form of chests and sacks.

These chests you also can find in trees, so just cut them down. Here gnomes come to our aid, playing the role of free workers. Initially, we have two of them. Accordingly, it’s not possible to perform more than two actions at a time. Deforestation of trees takes the longer time if you have already used resources from this tree. In addition, for such actions you spend energy, which is not endless: as soon as it ends, you have to wait a time for recovery.

With the opening of new zones, you also discover new resources and new chains that you can create from them. You can find all chains in special section. There, the game rewards new finds with coins.

EverMerge will help you relax and plunge into the pleasant atmosphere of the game to brighten up your leisure time. If you are tired and want to spend some time with interest, we advise you to try this game. However, you can also try the addicting Candy Crush Soda Saga and Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of EverMerge before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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