Evil Nun 2 Mod APK (Dumb Enemies) 1.1.3

Evil Nun 2 is a game for Android mobile devices from Keplerians Horror Games. Many exciting and frightening adventures are already waiting for you! Immerse yourself in a sinister atmosphere and play in the format of escape from various monsters and even a serial killer. No free game has been so scary! By the way, if you like scary games, then also try FGTeeV Goozy and Identity V.

Evil Nun 2 has a format of an escape, in which you have to fight various monsters on your way, escape from a maniac and solve various riddles and mysteries.

Evil Nun 2 can boast of frightening monsters and creatures who you need to bypass for own safety. The main thing is not to make sounds, so that the monsters could hear you. During the walkthrough, you realize that it is not so easy to be quiet and not make noise, but you should try if you intend to survive. It is better not to fight with some characters, but to hide. Play and tickle your nerves in Evil Nun 2! Remember noise is your worst enemy, so be careful in your actions.

As we know from horror films, when maniacs, murderers or scary mystical creatures follow you, the best way to survive is to hide. Not every enemy can be defeated, so you should not fight if you are not confident in your own abilities. Hide from your pursuers as best you can, as it is safer for you. Evil Nun 2 provides secret places to do this. Look for and meet many secret places that monsters still do not know. Find and explore all the hidden spots in school for nuns and amaze with huge selection of saving rooms, where you can definitely find something useful. If you see scary creatures at school, then you have to run. Sometimes it is not always possible to hide, so stretch your legs and go ahead, the main thing is not to be afraid and be vigilant in these exciting adventures.

In addition to the usual strategy for survival with the help of escape and hiding from enemies Evil Nun 2 allows use to attack monsters. That’s why you need to create your own weapons for the nun so that she could protect herself. Just join the battle against evil for justice all over the world! Remember that all this is unrealistic and you should not be afraid in real life and transfer the project monsters to real life! Many non-trivial quests and tasks are already waiting for you to pull your nerves a little and make your day truly fun and exciting!

Evil Nun 2 is full of various tasks and puzzles that you have to solve on your way. Learn various scary stories and unravel the plot of what led the nun to such an outcome of events. Meet a creepy character like serial killer Mr. Meat for even more fear. Solve many mysteries on your way to survive and become invincible in Evil Nun 2!

The graphics of Evil Nun 2 have the format of 3D horror films designed to immerse you in the atmosphere of fear. Presented characters look very realistic. Moreover, they seem to have just stepped out of a horror movie. Ominous soundtracks and sound effects of attacks or monster growls can really tickle your nerves!

Sometimes you may have difficulty completing a certain level of Evil Nun 2. Monsters are so sensitive to your movements that you simply have no chance to win. We recommend using the mod for dumb enemies for such moments. Thanks to its use, you can turn off any activity of the monsters chasing you at any time. Therefore, you can complete difficult levels or even complete the whole game without a single loss. Our solution also deletes all advertisements that may arise during the gameplay.

Our team tested the mod for stupid opponents. Just click on the special icon in upper left corner of the screen to activate it after launching the game. You can activate the desired slider right after opening menu. While dumb enemies feature is enabled, monsters won’t attack you. You can disable this function at any time during the walkthrough. If you want to complete levels honestly, you can always do it. In addition, installation file is safe as we tested it for malwares. Feel free to download Evil Nun 2 and activate the dumb bots feature for easier play if you want.

The gameplay of Evil Nun 2 is quite interesting, and its idea is very exciting. Horror movie lovers will definitely love it. This project combines many games, including puzzles, survival and action. In addition, the game has a plot and background with various secrets and riddles that you have to learn during the walkthrough.

Evil Nun 2 is a horror game aimed at developing strategic skills and intelligence. During the adventure, you need not to only hide and escape from the evil dead, but also solve many different secrets and mysteries about the fate of nun Madeleine. Fight monsters and download a mod for dumb enemies to make yourself almost invulnerable and reach the end!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Evil Nun 2 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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