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Evo Pop is a rather funny arcade game for mobile devices on Android operating system with an evolutionary theme. Here the user starts breeding square living creatures with animated cute eyes. The main goal of the player is to create a creature that can become the pinnacle of evolution. Enemies who have the ability to multiply, too, are able to interfere with this process. Therefore, you immediately must stop this process in the bud. You can do it by the correct tactics of behavior, which each user develops independently, and the rapid filling of free space by organisms at all stages. Our team also recommends the fun Poly Bridge 2 and [3D Platformer] Super Bear Adventure.

Evo Pop release was not so long ago, but it has more than a hundred thousand installations from Google Play. Check out the main features of the game from our review.

Players have only one task in colorful and bright Evo Pop from the developers who provided us with Cut the Rope. Fight the enemy and produce an incredibly large number of organisms from one single square. The more organisms you produce, more chances of winning the battle you have. In addition, the gamer has the right to endow creatures with rare skills and abilities, feed and grow them so that they can absorb smaller opponents.

Evo Pop provides user with opportunity to try different tactics and take part in competitions in three interesting modes. The modes test the logical abilities and tactical skills of the user in practice, that is, directly, in the battle itself. Each gamer has to try a variety of tactics for the evolution of their organisms and find new ways to defeat a whole mass of living organisms of the enemy. Compete for the best player title, note high-quality graphics, gameplay and fact that living organisms calmly interact with the world.

The so-called living creatures of Evo Pop interact with the outside world, eat grass, flowers, insects in order to grow up as quickly as possible. The user’s task is to conquer resources at the location, come up with strategies and test them in practice. You need it in order to defeat the most important opponents ultimately.

The game has an incredibly large number of very different stages, levels and locations. Each level landscape is different and individual. The realistic physics found in Evo Pop allows the game to evolve in no particular order, which is just as important. Bright, high quality and colorful graphic design brings a positive and cozy atmosphere in the game. This makes you want to go to Evo Pop again.

Every well-designed game has its own limitations, attitudes and rules, and, in fact, Evo Pop is no exception. We provide you special mod for this game. The following game aspects become available to user: unlimited money and energy. Moreover, you can get all worlds unlocked free after completing the first game level. Similarly, you can easily develop your characters and absorb more and more territories without relying on restrictive factors.

Our team tested the mod on independent devices and found no problems. All stated aspects work fine in Evo Pop. However, pay attention to the order of installing the game. Important! For the correct game functioning, it is necessary to undergo training in original version and then install the mod without deleting the original. Please note that we checked installation file by several antiviruses and didn’t identify threats.

Choose one of the presented Evo colonies for your team, improve them and conquer as much foreign space as possible. It is important to work out individual tactics, which have to follow throughout the entire round, because opponents don’t sleep and keep developing. Interact with the surrounding world, grass, beetles to endow your living creatures with nutrients. Evo have some abilities, they move by jumping or rolling off obstacles. You can do it with the help of acceleration. Moreover, you can also control the Evo thanks to various spells.

Evo Pop is a fun arcade project that can captivate both adults and teenagers thanks to its high-quality interface, graphics, plot and simple control panel. Such simulations can easily entice any player, regardless of his age. The unique presentation of the gameplay deserves special praise. Given the large number of different simulators of this kind, everything that happens on the screen is extremely unusual. By its uniqueness, this game wins more and more fans around the world.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. If you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, then check our how-to-do guide:

Don’t forget to delete original version of Evo Pop before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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