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FAR: Lone Sails is a 2D platformer from Okomotive. The genre of the game is a steampunk adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world. At first glance, it will seem to you that there is no plot, no dialogues and some kind of progress. In fact, you can find out yourself through the unique gameplay and eye-catching visuals. Despite the lightly stamped genres, this continuous journey can surprise you with its novelty. If you are adherents of non-standard projects, we recommend you One Night at Flumpty’s as well as Portal.

Creating FAR: Lone Sails, the developers were able to combine three genres, setting them even with absence of usual dialogues. Nevertheless, they were able to create a real masterpiece.

The hero of FAR: Lone Sails has no name, no voice, no gender, or some kind of story. Now he does not even have a single person. The game won’t show you a single dialogue, won’t tell you about anything that is happening around or describe anything. There is no even initial menu – you immediately enter the game. You have to understand everything yourself. However, even without such an explicit way of communicating with the player, you can easily understand what happened to this world, what you need to do and what is happening on the screen. From the very beginning, developers talk to you in metaphors, but understandable and so interesting that you can definitely like it.

Your hero is just a little man who can’t even walk – just run. He can’t say or show you absolutely nothing. First, he runs, and then you see his “ship” – this sailing mechanism cannot walk on water. There is no water in FAR: Lone Sails. Nevertheless, it copes well with moving along the dried bottom. You need to keep your steam friend alive, repair his mechanisms and look for fuel for him in the form of everything that gets in the way. During an endless journey, you are able to enjoy the views of the lost world, and even interact with once-used structures and objects. Fussing over your ship here is a very pleasant experience – it doesn’t cause any inconvenience. The gamey sometimes it you to look after some mechanisms or fix something. Just do not refuel your vehicle with explosives. Otherwise, you have to run and repair all the components that suddenly decided to catch fire for an “unknown” reason.

Despite the good gameplay and interesting locations, the greatest pleasure in FAR: Lone Sails brings exactly those pauses when we put everything in ship power and just enjoy the views passing by on the captain’s bridge. The main emphasis focuses directly on them, and not on the hero. During our sailing activity, we just look at the landscapes around and learn through them the whole history of this wonderful world in its terrible desolation. The asceticism of FAR: Lone Sails is a real pleasure and is the most important feature of the game. It is melancholy, which is so different in its manifestations (from the very real sadness and despair to slight sadness combined with hope) that conveys to you the whole meaning of the events of this world. You can find out the history of everything that happened only through the that mood.

Developers of In FAR: Lone Sails paid a lot of attention to the soundtrack. Despite the seeming emptiness in many ways, the game gives many emotions and the sound component is far from last. The visual range forces you not to take your eyes off the screen and it’s so good. Minimalistic interface doesn’t clog the game and allows you to completely immerse yourself in it. The landscapes passing by you make it possible to experience pleasure. Moreover, the elaboration of the entire game world to the smallest detail doesn’t allow you to feel at least some flaw.

You can play FAR: Lone Sails on a paid basis only, which is a challenge for many people who want to get familiar with the project. However, on our website you can download FAR: Lone Sails free. This is exactly what our mod allows.

After installation and testing, the game performed well on several of our devices. Despite the fact that it is paid on Google Play, you can download the mod and enjoy it free of charge, without any risk to your android gadget.

The gameplay in FAR: Lone Sails is as austere as its visual component – nothing superfluous. Run after the main character, do not forget to monitor the condition of the engine in time and fill it with fuel. The engine can run on any debris that you find along the way: barrels, crates, teddy bears and even dynamite. However, it is still not worth refueling the unit with the latter – you have to run and put out all the mechanisms of your ship. Physics of your unreasonable companion and character is so well spelled out that even fixing problems can be a pleasure. The hero won’t stuck anywhere and get any problems.

If you want to spend a few quiet evenings, enjoy a gorgeous soundtrack and picture, ponder beautiful and open-eyed visual metaphors, as well as keep only the best memories for yourself and constantly return to them – FAR: Lone Sails is exactly your choice.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of FAR: Lone Sails before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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