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FarmVille 3 – Animals is a farm simulator from the developers of Zynga. Build your own farm and bring it to prosperity. Enjoy the opportunity to raise livestock and rare plant crops to make your place the most beautiful and amazing. Your main task is to create a large and fertile farm, guided only by your tastes and goals. Take the opportunity to rebuild your ranch while completing interesting tasks and learn the fun gameplay. Plant and harvest your crops, as well as breed animals in order to get as much profit as possible. FarmVille 3 – Animals is also an economic strategy. Here you need a clear distribution of your resources, otherwise you can go bankrupt. Use your money, water and crops wisely to complete all the necessary tasks on the farm.

Let’s talk about all the interesting features that FarmVille 3 – Animals has to offer.

FarmVille 3 – Animals provides you with the chance to try your hand at interesting and exciting tasks, completing the instructions of the villagers. Interact with other characters, get missions from them and upgrade your farm. Grow the required number of sunflowers for the residents or collect several hundred eggs from your chickens, selling them for a good amount, which will be useful to you for the further development.

What is a farm without wheat, sunflower or potatoes? That’s why Zynga developers offer you dozens of plant species you can grow and upgrade on your farm to get more harvest. Feel free to plant a variety of vegetables and fruits in your fields, but do not forget to look after them. Well, there are no coconuts here, as in FarmVille 2, where you explore a tropical island, but in the third part of the game there are even more types of crops that you can plant on the farm.

Developers have introduced many species of animals and birds to diversify the gameplay of FarmVille 3 – Animals. Build a barn on the farm and populate it with chickens and turkeys, build a pen for pigs, get rams, cows and turkeys. If you want something more exotic, bunnies, llamas, raccoons and even parrots are available in the game for your choice. Use the wide possibilities of as game to manage your cute animals most effectively. However, don’t forget to take care of them, because you always need to feed the pets, clean their home and expand it by building more sheds and chicken coops.

Decorate the farm the way you want. Rebuild it at your discretion, and to make it easier for you to do this, hire workers with unique abilities, who can make your farm the most beautiful and efficient in a short time. In addition, workers will also gain experience and level up over time, making their work faster and better. Rebuild all the buildings and feel free to customize the facades appearance for an authentic and unique look of the farm.

At any time in the game, you can visit a friend’s farm and help him manage his household using the cooperative mode. And if your friends suddenly have not yet installed FarmVille 3 – Animals, then you can always easily make new pleasant acquaintances in the game itself, by performing only a couple of simple steps. Thus, the project offers android gamers not only a single development of the farm, but also an online mode.

FarmVille 3 – Animals has colorful cartoon graphics. Moreover, every bush, every animal in the game developers made with love and care. It is also worth noting a good optimization, thanks to which almost all users of Android devices can enjoy the game. In addition to nice graphics, FarmVille 3 boasts a fun soundtrack and sound effects that can take you into the world of farming.

FarmVille 3 – Animals is a free game, but if you want your plants to grow well and quickly, and your animals never get thirsty, you need a lot of water that’s always missing in the game. However, you can download a modified version of the game and enjoy a fun experience with free water that you can buy as much as you want.

We have tested FarmVille 3 – Animals on our devices. Based on the test results, we can assure you that the mod is absolutely safe and works properly. Just install the modified version of the game on your device and launch it. Now the water in the game is free for you, you don’t have to perform any other actions.

The game controls are simple and intuitive. There is farm that you need to develop and rebuild. Choose a piece of land and plant it with herbs. The higher the level of your farm, the more choice of crops you have. The situation is approximately the same with animals. If initially you have access to only the simplest animals, then over time you will be able to acquire cows, sheep and others.

Also worth noting is the system for changing weather conditions. Therefore, rain can benefit your plants and help to increase the yield. Whereas snow, which may fall unexpectedly, won’t bring you anything good. The sun also affects. If the weather is sunny, you can harvest faster.

If you love farming games on Android, then FarmVille 3 Animals will be an excellent choice for you. Upgrade your farm, buy seeds and plant herbs, breed animals and enjoy simple and intuitive gameplay. In addition, you can get even more fun from this game with the help of our solution.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of FarmVille 3 – Animals before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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