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FGTeeV Goozy is a game that includes several elements of different genres at once. Gamers have to shoot, hide, search, solve puzzles and explore. FGTeeV Goozy offers an exciting and rather big game world that develops in accordance with player actions and prepares many surprises. The game creators propose to conduct investigation of the events that took place in the house of ordinary family. All the mansion inhabitants mysteriously disappeared, and now the player has to deal with what happened and try to survive. By the way, for those who like to think much, we have prepared a logical Two Dots. If you are a fan of cool stories, our team recommends you to familiarize with Identity V.

BDT Digital LLC developer released FGTeeV Goozy in early October 2020. The game has already over a million downloads. Its rating is 4.5 points, while the age limit for players is 7+.

The main distinguishing feature of FGTeeV Goozy is that you play with first person view. Experience all the events of game plot, facing almost personally. Dodge from enemy attacks and remember that only screen of your Android device separates you from the monsters. Moreover, you have to perform all kinds of actions practically with your own hands. The developers have prepared many interesting situations to cope with during the gameplay, as well as an impressive duration of action. Immerse yourself in a tense but addictive game!

Initially, the abovementioned multitool belonged to former owner of the house. However, now this is the main item that can help the player to stay alive. The tool is a unique development that includes both a weapon for defense and a multifunctional device for solving puzzles. In addition to the multitool, you can get acquainted with other developments of missing head of the family. Moreover, at some stages you create your own smart devices from found or purchased items. Use your entire arsenal for solving riddle, and figure out where the former owners of the strange mansion have gone.

From the very beginning of investigation, the player has to face the understanding that the former house residents have turned into ghosts. Moreover, these ghosts multiplied and turned into strange, slippery creatures of very unkind behavior. Slugs in FGTeeV Goozy can attack the player and do it suddenly! You need to shoot either back with a multitool or hide, if the environment allows. By the way, game movements provide an impressive scope – you can run and jump, thus increasing variety.

The graphics in FGTeeV Goozy are amazing. It would seem nothing new, but the quality of all game elements and picture itself is at a very good level. The game can delight you with an abundance of bright colors, while overall graphics design looks very attractive. In addition, the game has well-developed special effects, which was noted by both users and critics. The sound in the game is fully consistent with the plot. Sounds accompaniment of plays an important role in creating mood for the player.

To advance through the game, you need to complete more and more difficult tasks, which require improving the player’s items. All upgrades require in-game currency, which is not always available in the required amount. By installing FGTeeV Goozy with mod for unlimited money, you can solve a problem with purchases. Our modification allows you to move through the game faster with more pleasure.

Our team tested the functionality of FGTeeV Goozy and unlimited money feature. We guarantee that the mod functions perfectly. Just go to your inventory and buy something to take full advantage of unlimited money option. The number of coins in your game account will constantly increase while spending.  In fact, you get unlimited resources, thanks to which you can upgrade your multitool and make the walkthrough easier. Don’t worry, installation file does not contain viruses and malwares.  

FGTeeV Goozy allows you to investigate the events that happened to the former residents of the mystery house. During walkthrough, players have to perform many actions, including the use of objects as weapons. You also have to solve riddles and puzzles. It is necessary not only to move, but also to skillfully hide. Most of the game actions come down to use of single item – multitool. It can help in overcoming most of the obstacles.

The gameplay is convenient and understandable. You need to perform many actions with the help of a built-in joystick. That is why the game is easy in terms of control for beginners or young players.

FGTeeV Goozy is a fun, albeit a little scary, cartoon adventure where you have to move your brains. The game can brighten up your leisure time and relieve stress!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of FGTeeV Goozy before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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